Advanced Reporting

Take the guesswork out of managing your firm. Get a regular report of everything you want to know about your firm.

Get a bird’s eye view of your practice

Track the KPI’s that matter most to your firm

Personalize case templates by adding fields for your most important KPIs. Advanced workflow automation helps you control accuracy by issuing automatic tasks and providing instructions for data-entry to your team.

Report on any datapoint in your system

Everything in Filevine is reportable, from notes and tasks to field entries and calendar events. By centralizing case management and reporting into one seamless system, you can empower your decision-makers and elevate your practice.

Arm yourself for the future

Quickly gain data-backed insights about your team, your caseload, or your law firm as a whole. Use audit reports to analyze team performance and create custom-tailored caseload reports with just a few clicks.

Find answers to your hardest questions

Run powerful out-of-the-box reports instantly

Filevine comes equipped with useful reports, like caselists, tasklists, calendar reports, and much much more. These are available to run without configuration and can provide a general overview of your law firm in seconds.

Create masterful reports personalized for your law firm

Filevine puts the power of advanced custom reporting into the hands of decision-makers. Keep your law firm growing the right way with easy-to-use and powerful tools.

  • Every datapoint at your fingertips Use our advanced reporting engine to fully customize your firm reports. Every field, file, text, email, fax, client, and team-member can be targeted, enabling you to run reports to answer virtually any question about your law firm.
  • Unleash limitless possibilities Expansive criteria options let you limit report results by any factor or condition. Maybe you only want to see cases that haven’t been touched in 30 days or clients who have contacted you in the past week. With Filevine, anything is possible.
  • Protect sensitive information Any permissions you have configured in Filevine for your team-members will limit report availability, keeping sensitive information safe and secure.

Add deep reporting to your existing workflow

View & share reports seamlessly

Access the information you need without jeopardizing your workflow. Saved reports can be accessed from anywhere in Filevine with just a few clicks. Share reports directly with other team members, or export reports to .xlsx format to share with others.

Visualize your law firm with powerful data dashboards

Power-up with Filevine Periscope to see your data in a whole new way. Drill-down in any dashboard to see raw data-sets and make more informed decisions about your law firm.

Fully automate your reporting

Configure your reports to auto-deliver to your email inbox on a daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly basis. With Filevine Periscope, your cloud-hosted dashboards will be updated live with fresh data from your caseload.

Make the right decisions with the right data

When is it time to hire?

Run team audit reports to analyze process slow-downs and identify departments in need of more staff. Filevine Periscope can visualize your data to make this kind of decision easier and more reliable.

How many open cases can we successfully handle?

Compare case analytics and process efficiencies to gauge how your team is handling the current caseload, and determine how many additional open cases you can add before losing efficiency.

Who are my best performers & who is falling behind?

Use audit reports to identify your top performers and highlight training opportunities. Compare task completion rates, cumulative actions taken, and other factors to streamline your law firm.

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