Audit Logs of Activities

May 31, 2018

Day-to-day Data for your Practice

To manage your practice, you need a clear, objective vision of its daily workings. Filevine Audit Reports give you that insight.

Now all your data is at your fingertips, in full detail and precision.

Each activity taken in Filevine is recorded with a date, time, and location. This information is stored for you for 30 days. Administrators access this rich day-to-day data to make smarter financial, legal, and staff management decisions.

Know Your Cases

Is one of your cases sapping away the energies of your staff, while others go neglected? What kind of work does your team put into your most lucrative cases or practice areas?

Audit Reports offer you the rich detail that can clarify even the thorniest of caseload questions.

Oversee the kind and amount of work poured into each case. Perhaps a difficult client is taking up your team’s time, while they neglect other cases. Perhaps an expected settlement isn’t actually worth the intensity of effort you’re demanding from your team and your client. Audit Reports give you clarity to make these decisions.

Know Your Team

You trust your colleagues and staff to do high-quality work. But the data can show you your true high-performers, as well as the ones who might need more motivation.

Perhaps staff members are constantly engaging with difficulties in such a skilled way that you’re not even aware of their labor. Filevine Audit Reports bring their achievements to light.

Perhaps a staff member appears constantly stressed and overworked—but the Audit Reports data shows they accomplish far less than their peers.

Don’t make staff management decisions just with your gut intuition. Let deep, day-by-day data guide your work.

Stay Secure

Audit Reports show you everyone who has logged into your information on Filevine, along with a date, time, and location. You can see exactly how each user is interacting with sensitive information.

Work with greater confidence. Win the trust of security-minded clients.

For even greater clarity, upgrade to Filevine Periscope. Filevine Periscope gives you actionable, honed data analysis, and presents it with compelling visual forms.

Take a step back and see the big picture. Move in closer to parse out the details. With Filevine, you can understand your practice from every angle.

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