Filevine Periscope™ Dashboard Visualizations

June 30, 2018

Get a bird’s eye view of your team’s productivity and workflow with intuitive and refined drill-down functionality.

Filevine’s new Audit Reports let you track team performance on an individual level by keeping detailed logs of user activity in your org. Combine that with Domo’s powerful graphing and visualization capabilities, and you get Filevine Periscope: the most robust data platform for legal.

Data-Backed Decisions & Refined Workflows

Running a good legal practice involves answering tough questions. Questions like:

  • When is it time to hire?
  • How many open cases can we successfully handle?
  • Who are my best performers, and who is falling behind?

Those questions are too important to risk going with your gut. What you need is data—data about what your team is doing, what your team isn’t doing, and how all of those things feed or starve your firm’s bottom line.

When your firm seems to be struggling under a heavy caseload, it might be tempting to bring on additional staff to help. But is that really the best solution?

Filevine Periscope—Is it Time to Hire?

As you can see, Wes is closing almost twice as many tasks as Robby each week. He also doesn’t make a habit of pushing his deadlines. Robby, on the other hand, seems to push deadlines more than usual.

With the power of Filevine Periscope, it’s easy to see that new staff isn’t the answer to this problem. You just need to refine Robby’s process so he can keep up with your firm’s top performers.

A Pathway to High Settlements

Why did Case A settle so high, when Case B settled for so much less? On paper, the cases were so similar. How to explain this discrepancy in case values?

The answer is in the data.

With Filevine Periscope, you can easily see what combination of workflows and actions yielded a high result here, or a low result there. That means you can standardize good, productive workflows, and crack down on inefficient patterns and habits.

Define your law firm’s future with Filevine Periscope

The difference between your practice now and your practice six months from now is a question of decision-making. If you’re going with your gut instead of relying on critical data points, you’ll never realize your firm’s full potential. Filevine Periscope gives you unmatched insight into the day-to-day workings and long-term growth of your practice. Without it, you’re flying blind, and that’s no way to fly.

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