Custom Workflow Templates

March 31, 2015

Custom workflows and project templates help you maximize your work.

Endlessly Configurable Project Templates

Filevine let you customize your case management software for your area of practice. Easily create unique tabs and sections to track sets of similar information, like medical records, evidence, or witnesses.

Flexible Custom Fields

Filevine features various field types to support any kind of information. Customize your project templates by adding new fields—from standard text fields, to deadlines, and contacts, and many more. Build any number of unique sections within your various project types for the most bespoke case management experience in legal.

Robust Reporting to Tie It All Together

Filevine's powerful reporting system turns your data into answers. Since every field in Filevine can be roll-up into custom reports, you can gain deep insights into what's working at your firm—and ways to forge ahead.

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