Super-Easy Interface

Navigating is quick and clean, making it easier than ever to find what you’re looking for. With responsive desktop and mobile design, Filevine is ready to go wherever you are.


Never feel overwhelmed by technology again

Users rave about how simple and intuitive the Filevine interface is. Gone is the day of dozens of buttons and menus crowding the screen and adding confusion to distraction. If you’ve ever seen a staff member get overwhelmed when looking at a computer screen, you know how important simplicity is. Yet, under the hood, Filevine is robust and capable of handling anything you throw at it.

Scientific research has shown again and again that the more distractions we have the slower we work, and the more frustrated we feel. Simple, intuitive software, on the other hand, makes us feel at-ease and makes us more focused and efficient.

Filevine addresses this by creating a streamlined interface that’s easy to learn, easy to undersand, and that actually makes you more efficient by removing distractions. Give filevine a try today and discover what it feels like to actually love your software.


Legal technology has finally joined the future


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