Filevine’s case management software not only stores all your information securely — it also helps you find any document the moment you need it. Documents and records are automatically hyperlinked from the case file. Reading notes from a month ago and encounter a reference to a medical procedure? Click the link and there’s the doctor’s actual form.


Never lost. Always available.

Along with each case comes a deluge of documents to be read, organized and filed. Filevine’s case management technology keeps it straight. If you are assigned a task to review an offer letter, simply click on the hyperlink to instantly see the document.

Also, document hashtags allow more versatile searching. Tagging lets you search for all examples of a certain kind of motion or invoice — regardless what the file name is.

No more “catch-all” folders, no more unorganized files. Pull up what you need, in context, when you need it.



Filevine is case management software with the soul of project management technology. By treating each case as a project that needs to get done (not just organized), cases move forward smoothly.


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