No more “catch-all” folders, no more unorganized files. Documents are hyperlinked automatically from the case file. Reading notes from a month ago and encounter a reference to a medical procedure?—Click the link and there’s the doctor’s actual form.


Never lost. Always available.

Along with each case comes a deluge of documents to be read, organized and filed. It can be overwhelming to keep it all straight.

Filevine hyperlinks your documents and records to where you need them and where you come across them while managing your case.

For example: Reading your notes from a month ago and you encounter a reference to a medical procedure, click the hyperlink and there is the doctor’s actual note.

Looking at a task your assistant has assigned you to review an offer letter, click on the hyperlink and review the letter. Pull up what you need in context and when you need it.


Legal technology has finally joined the future


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