Interface Redesign Phase 2: Framing

Here's a Look at the Phase 2 Updates

In March, we launched the Filevine Interface Redesign with some foundational behind-the-scenes updates as well as a new set of custom icons and a new docs option menu. Now, as we move into Phase 2 of the Redesign, we’re bringing you some more noticeable updates as we start to frame out the architecture of the new interface.

New Font

To help create a more uniform look and feel across the entire Filevine Interface, we have introduced a new singular font scheme to the system. The new font will replace the variety of fonts that previously differed from page to page and section to section and will create a more consistent experience for users in every area from the activity feed to reports and project details.

Old Font

New Font

(This article will be updated as more features are updated as part of the Framing phase of the Redesign).

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