Filevine Fusion™ Document Generation

For legal professionals everywhere, automated document generation has changed the game. But now, it is the game.

Filevine Fusion combines granular reporting with dynamic document merging to create sophisticated forms, visuals, and charts. Design a single document template to receive information from any part of your Filevine System. Create exhibit lists, responsive contracts, medical chronologies, or any other documents you can imagine—with just one click.

One-click Functionality

Save more time

How much time does your team lose each week creating complicated pre-trial documents or custom contracts? With Fusion Buttons, you can skip the overhead and generate the document you need with a single click.

The Fusion Button

Click once, and generate deeply complex and functional legal documents directly within a case.

Own Your Data

Pull disparate information from any corner of your Filevine System into one master document, which you can download, print, or email immediately.

Workflow Integration

Build complex document generation directly into your team’s workflow, with Filevine’s Automatic Taskflow and Taskflow Triggers.

Embrace Infinity

No more rules

“The way it’s done” won’t be the way it’s done forever. In an age of instant messaging and bluetooth file transfers, you might think document generation has been done before. But we’re here to tell you, it hasn’t—not like what’s possible with Filevine Fusion.

Trial Prep

Create exhibit lists, witness profiles, medical timelines, and any other pre-trial documents you might need.

Admin Reports

Generate formatted and visualized reports to monitor marketing spend, caseload growth, team performance, and any other firm KPI’s.

Case-specific Documents

Produce visualized demands, functional case summaries, actionable worklists, and any other case-specific documents you might need.

User-friendly Customization

Your documents, your way

Your law firm is unique, and the documents you generate will need to accommodate the specifics of your practice. With Filevine Fusion, personalizing and assembling documents has never been faster.

Limitless Potential

Create Fusion templates for any document that can be assembled from your firm’s case data. You’re limited only by your imagination and the data currently present in your Filevine System.

Functional Formatting

Use Microsofts’ Word Field Codes and Excel Formulas to bring conditional functionality to any Fusion template.

Included Instructions

Follow our included instructions and tutorials to quickly master the basics of Filevine Fusion and maximize its value for your practice.

The New Standard in Legal Document Generation

It’s impossible to summarize the potential offered by a feature like Filevine Fusion. In time, we fully expect to be amazed by the innovative documents created in the Filevine community with this powerful new tool.

Note: Filevine Fusion is an Advanced Feature. Please contact a Customer Success Representative at to enable.

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