Personal Injury Case Management with Filevine

You’ve got a lot on your plate. Filevine helps you do more with less by providing one system to manage your cases. Have centralized control over incoming leads, generate documents, communicate with clients, and collaborate with colleagues — all securely, all confidentially, all in one place.

Filevine makes your work more manageable

Filevine is case management built to meet your needs. With customizable and automated workflows, you can revolutionize the way your team works.

Lead and case management — all in one place

Track prospective clients and manage their case work all in one integrated system.

Generate and search documents

Reduce your reliance on paper and take your firm into the digital age. Filevine can create custom or templated documents that are immediately searchable. All in one browser.

Improve team communication from anywhere

Communicate with your team, keep internal clients updated, and collaborate with external vendors — no matter where you are.

Become next-level efficient

No more late night emails asking, “Where are we on this?” Filevine centralizes your workflow and task management so you always know exactly where something stands.

Secure and confidential

Keep your data secure and confidential with Filevine. Easily manage who can see and access what with permissions and roles.

Powerful reporting

Know more about every aspect of your organization from staff production to lead cost to efficiency. Our reporting engine enables you to create and manage custom reports to help your team deliver maximum value.

Analog, meet digital

Quit relying on time-consuming letters and faxes to collect signatures. With Fax and Vinesign you can send, receive, and store faxes or contracts all in the cloud, all in one system.

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