SALT LAKE CITY, UT – September 28, 2023Filevine is offering a preliminary release of its newest artificial intelligence (AI)-powered tool, SidebarAI, free for all Filevine customers. The release of SidebarAI is the first step toward offering an AI virtual assistant tool for Filevine users. The support tool can answer “how-to” questions to help users navigate the Filevine platform and can quickly summarize the latest activity in a case project. Filevine is providing early access to the tool in an effort to facilitate additional prompt training and bring SidebarAI’s optimal functionality to Filevine users.

“It’s our hope that SidebarAI will make you (the Filevine user) the smartest person in the room,” said Filevine’s Senior Product Manager, Brandon Kirk. “When asked about case details or what is happening within a case, you’ll be able to answer confidently and efficiently at any given time.”



Sidebar, Filevine’s chat function, has become an integral feature in Filevine’s functionality. The Sidebar chat window can be opened anywhere in Filevine, allowing colleagues to have quick conversations about case matters where the context lives. It eliminates the need for platform switching between case data and chat since all of the referenced case information, documents and contacts are in the same window. For some, it has even replaced the need for internal messenger tools like Slack or Microsoft Teams. Just as internal team members can quickly engage in a Sidebar conversation within the context of their case information, SidebarAI will allow users to ask questions of the AI-powered chatbot as they navigate the platform.


SidebarAI 24/7 Support Tool


With SidebarAI, users can ask Filevine-related feature questions in the chat window and receive immediate answers and basic troubleshooting tips. Users can also select suggested prompts of frequently asked questions related to optimizing their usage of Filevine. SidebarAI is trained on Filevine’s extensive Help Center to provide real-time guidance, ensuring users get the most out of Filevine’s powerful features and can access 24/7 support.


Sample prompts include: 

  • Can I submit a feature request?
  • How do I reset my password?
  • How do I add someone to my org?
  • How do I create an SOL report? 

“We’re building SidebarAI to function as a trusted co-pilot and right-hand tool for the legal professionals who utilize our platform,” said Kirk. “The legal work being done within Filevine is critical, so it’s imperative that our customers have immediate resources and support available at their fingertips.”


SidebarAI will serve as another extension of Filevine’s support team and comes off the back of Filevine University (FVU), the admin certification program designed to help Filevine clients optimize the use of their legal operating system.


SidebarAI Case Summaries


The second feature within SidebarAI is the ability to provide case activity summaries. The tool functions like an assistant whereby activity feeds of notes, emails, faxes, tasks, and reminders from the last 7-days are scanned and summarized. At the click of a button, you can receive a snapshot summary of recent activity and need-to-know details of a case.


“When managing large caseloads, it can be challenging to report on statuses on the fly, but SidebarAI can solve that problem by effectively and succinctly providing case activity summaries at a moment’s notice,” said Filevine’s Director of Product, Tyler McCann. “Now, users will no longer have to scroll through their Activity Feed to understand the latest case updates. They can get a near immediate 7-day lookback summary of each case, matter or project within 30-seconds.”


Future of SidebarAI


Filevine will continue to enhance SidebarAI to create the ultimate gold standard AI legal assistant available to users 24/7. User feedback will be leveraged to retrain the AI model to get faster, smarter, and more accurate. Future iterations of SidebarAI plan to showcase improved functionality, including the ability to pull out inconsistencies in a case, missed communication, and changes in facts over time; provide an overall summary of a case, including suggesting next steps and action items; extend the length of time by which case activity can be summarized; and filter based on various criteria.


For a limited time, Filevine will also be offering exclusive rates for expanded prompts that allow firms to quickly identify red flags in their cases, surface tasks to create, review longer-term and more detailed look-back summaries, and more.


“SidebarAI is meant to be a central tool that follows you along as you navigate Filevine” said Alex McLaughlin, VP of Product. “Whether you have questions about Filevine or need a quick recap of case activity, Filevine’s SidebarAI will be that trusted support tool in your corner.”


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