Make your firm stand out while saving hours of your time.

Maybe you’re a new firm just getting started. Perhaps you’ve been in this business a long time and are looking for ways to improve. Either way, you know how competitive the legal landscape is becoming, and you’re always looking for ways to optimize your daily efforts in the office.

With competitors constantly adopting new technology and marketing strategies, more is needed to be good in a courtroom or knowledgeable about the law.

So what can you do?

Prioritize the client experience by automating client communication. This technology will empower your firm to accomplish these four goals:

1. Increase Transparency

Remember the old elementary saying, “secrets don’t make friends?” Well, it still holds true today as adults.

Despite not knowing the intricacies of the law they hired you to handle, your clients want to be a part of the journey. After all, it is their personal life that they invited you to be a part of.

Consistent communication from firm to clients is not only a practice of good legal ethics, but a necessity for keeping clients satisfied. If it’s important enough for consumers to be able to track a package or the status on their recent pizza delivery order, they should be offered those same amenities with even more personal matters.

When you automate the updates sent to clients as their cases progress, you put time back into your busy work schedule (around 8 hours to be exact). With seamless Filevine integration, you can ensure that your clients are always kept in the know about their case without any additional work on your part.

2. Educate Clients

Think about it: the biggest reason you have clients contacting you in emails and phone calls is their ignorance. They do not know what is happening behind the scenes and are often left feeling in the dark about the details of their case. 

Automated updates allow you to break through this barrier. Advanced applications like Milestones let you teach your clients through written phase descriptions, frequently asked questions, and short video clips customized for each phase of their case. 

Along with peace of mind comes the reward of having clients leave your firm highly satisfied with the attention you gave their case. When clients feel engaged throughout the entire process of the case, they are much more likely to refer their friends and leave a great review online. 

Many lawyers can achieve a good result, but great lawyers educate their clients along the way. There are many great tips to increase client and lawyer communication out there.

3. Boost Quality of Online Reviews

Unlike other businesses, you are delivering an experience, not a product. Because you aren’t selling something tangible, your firm needs the tools to speak for itself, and one of those tools is your set of communication skills.

So, what do reviews have to do with this?

In a survey of the online reviews from 12 firms across the Western United States, 44% of the reviews directly highlighted communication as one of the most meaningful skills a firm could have in creating a positive experience for clients.

Tools like Milestones go even further by keeping an open tab of communication with clients and prompting them at the end of their case to leave a positive Google review.

4. Go the Extra Mile

Clients seek more than just a firm that can address their legal needs. They are looking for a firm that can go above and beyond. 

Milestones software makes this possible without burdening you or your legal staff’s energy or time. Integrating with Filevine allows you to effortlessly update, educate, and wow your clients with efficiency.