Legal Case Management Software That Simplifies Your Complex Work

Our Case Management Software is trusted by over 50,000 Legal Professionals. Filevine's Case, Matter, Investigation, or Project Management breathes efficiency into your high-stake legal processes.

Manage The Progress Of Your Legal Cases and Projects

Customize our case management software to specifically cater to your area of practice. Centralize all case information, focus more attention on your clients, and never miss a deadline.

A lawyer using case management software with ease.

Modern Case Management

Don’t let your information be fractured between email, text messages, and physical files. Effortlessly store all details of a case in the same place. Connect to employees, clients, medical providers, experts, and witnesses from the same secure system.


Texts from your clients go directly into the case file. Any member of your team can respond, creating an archived, shared conversation. Give your client the timely attention they want while preserving your privacy.

Customized Deadlines

Filevine’s smart deadline chains assign next steps automatically and can be fully customized to your jurisdiction. Never miss another deadline.

Gain Complete Governance Over Your Law Practice

Streamline your firm’s operations. Filevine automates your repeatable tasks and workflows, helping your team work faster with fewer errors.

Limitless Custom Reports

Our case management software tracks all of your case information, which means you have a wealth of data at your fingertips. Run custom reports to gain insight and guide decisions. With our DOMO partnership, turn that data into clear and compelling graphics.

Settlement Calculator

Explore your financial possibilities. Add up reductions and calculate client yields under different scenarios.

Client-Based Expansion

Filevine users manage more cases with fewer staff members. Grow your practice while still catering to clients.

Change The Way You Control Your Legal Documents

Go paperless with Filevine’s cloud-based software. Automate your legal document generation, collect e-signatures, and integrate with a number of document management systems.

Document Generator

Any file can become a document template. Filevine pulls information from different fields in a client file. You build a personalized document with the click of a button.


Collect e-signatures in an instant. Text or email any form right to your client, and have them sign on their phone. It’s faster than any other method and completely secure.

Smart Storage

Documents are automatically hyperlinked from the case file. Find any document rapidly, either through the case file or by searching document tags.

More Benefits

Cloud-based Case Management Software That Works For Your Team

Filevine is accessible in the office and on-the-go. Go paperless with both desktop and mobile versions that keep you flexible and secure.

Workflows Automation Software That Puts Time Back In Your Schedule

Establish a winning process with specific task assignments and automated workflows. Collaborate with your team to bring the case to close.

Next-Level Legal Document Management Software That Streamlines Work

Keep a record of all your documents in one secure place. Generate, store, and easily share documents with your team, clients, and outside counsel.

Custom Reports That Deliver Groundbreaking Insights

Make your data work for you with limitless custom reports and creative dashboards. Get alerts for the information you care about.

Never Miss Critical Events With Calendars & Deadlines Features

Never miss your deadlines. Automated task flows and deadline chains ensure nothing slips through the cracks, while calendaring helps you keep track of upcoming meetings, hearings, or trials.

Powerful Integrations That Take Connectivity To New Heights

Filevine integrates with a number of leading tools used by top legal teams that help you get work done. Leverage these partnerships to take your business further.

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