Since its founding in 2015, Filevine has seen exponential growth—but no year has brought more than 2019. This year, Filevine has set a precedent in the world of legal software and cemented its place as an industry leader. In 2019, Filevine expanded as a software, as a company, and as a team in numerous ways.


Legal X Conference

Filevine made leaps and bounds this year, but arguably none of them were more exciting than hosting our second Legal X conference. Over 400 attendees gathered in beautiful Park City, Utah to be empowered by brilliant legal minds from around the country. At Legal X, classes and speakers focused on sharing and exploring the best new ideas in practice management. This included Filevine practices and the most efficient ways to utilize Filevine for your firm—but it also extended far beyond.

The conference provided an opportunity to engage with partners, network with other legal professionals, and of course, an overall good time. The majestic views of Park City and comedic relief of professional comedian, Ryan Hamilton made for an entertaining and unforgettable week.

2019 brought a bigger Legal X and a bigger Filevine. The software and the team expanded significantly. 73 distinct features have been added or changed on Filevine in the last year.

Here are just a few of those new features added in 2019:


Flex Sections

With Flex Sections, Filevine users can customize which sections, phases, and vitals are visible in a project. Throughout the project’s life, you can determine which sections you see and which are hidden. This kind of flexibility allows you to choose what would be most useful in each different type of case—leading to more efficient workflows.

Extra customization allows users to make visibility contingent on each section—allowing for vitals, phases, and task flows to be enabled when a Flex Section’s visibility is turned on. As you utilize this tool to your advantage, you can streamline and customize your workflows.


Document Management

In the world of legal, documentation can be a headache. Dealing with cases and matters means dealing with dozens of documents. These can easily get disorganized or even lost and lead to serious repercussions in the courtroom.

Document management has never been easier within Filevine. The improvements and additions made to document management this year enable Filevine users to work faster and more effectively—in a simpler way. We’ve added tools that enable users to more easily generate, organize, edit, automate, and understand documents.

You can create secure share links, upload new versions of a document, download or move a batch of documents at once, create notes on a document, and so much more—it only takes a few clicks in Filevine.

One example of these useful additions is the “Note This” feature—where you can add a note regarding an uploaded file. This also creates a note in the project files along with an attachment to that document—making it much easier to communicate with your team about each document.

Another example is OCR. OCR or Optical Character Recognition makes it easy to locate documents by searching for any information in the document on Filevine. When OCR is enabled on your account, every document uploaded will automatically be scanned with OCR and indexed for searching capabilities. Cutting down the time spent searching for needed documents increases productivity and reduces the risk of losing important assets.


Filevine Fusion

Filevine Fusion, another significant addition to Filevine, gives users the advantage of cutting edge, complex automation. It’s no secret that automation is changing the legal world as it reduces the risk of human error that we all face regularly and streamlines workflows. Filevine Fusion is a massive time saver. This fully customizable tool allows you to:

  • Draft documents and matters
  • Create and run multiple reports at once, across all project types
  • Export into an Excel document, already built-in with pivot tables, charts, and graphs
  • Automate document generation including graphs, charts, and complex formatting
  • Take information directly from case files and automatically fill out form documents

Utilizing Filevine Fusion means you can automate a complex conditional contract, a rich case study, or compile a demand letter. With new features like OCR and Filevine Fusion, generating and organizing documents is a sinch. These new features allow you to do more with less effort.

As Filevine’s product progressed and expanded, our team has reflected that same progression. We are always changing, always growing, always improving.


Expanding the Team

To meet the demands of our expansion, the Filevine team has more than doubled in size. With 158 new hires in 2019, Filevine is finishing the year with a total of 219 employees. These new hires have become a driving force in Filevine’s continual development. This exponential growth is not going unnoticed. Earlier this year, Utah Business recognized Filevine has the 3rd fastest growing emerging company in Utah.

A few other fun facts about Filevine’s 2019—our team drank 5.5MMM mg of caffeine this year. We needed something to drive all that improvement! We also attended 92 conferences, had 439 awkward conversations with Uber drivers, and added or changed 3,438,813 lines of source code. It’s been a busy year.

Filevine was created to fill a need for attorneys to organize and capitalize on their work. We do the paperwork so you can do the legal work. As the industry of legal tech grows—Filevine is matching that growth to maintain our place as an industry leader.

As a young company, we know that our progression is largely due to our clients who believe in the Filevine product and the drive of our hard-working team. Thank you for your support and dedication to helping Filevine expand in 2019!

We are confident that 2020 will bring more innovation, more change, and more improvements. As we deepen our commitment to being the operating core for the best in legal, we’ve got big plans for Filevine in 2020. You can expect more releases, more integrations, more partnerships, and even more growth. And of course, you can expect another incredible Legel X conference. Stay tuned for more information! Buckle up, it’s going to be a good year.