Salt Lake City, UT – August 7, 2023 – Filevine, the most powerful immigration case management software on the market, recently announced the launch of ImmigrationAI®, a new tool that deploys artificial intelligence (AI) to help law firms streamline their immigration operations and simplify the immigration application process for their clients. ImmigrationAI® joins Filevine’s other AI features, including AIFields and DemandsAI®.


Utilizing existing case information stored in Filevine, ImmigrationAI extracts key data points from various documents such as licenses and passports, assists in completing USCIS forms, and tracks form statuses. Immigration attorneys and their clients not only benefit from AI-powered document scanning and automated form fill, unique to Filevine, but also application support via a questionnaire available in 170 languages and question guides to ensure completion. 

The existing process for filing immigration paperwork is complex and time-consuming, but with ImmigrationAI® by Filevine, assembling documentation, completing forms, and tracking progress has never been easier. Filevine's AI-enhanced immigration functionality streamlines the immigration process by automating tasks, reducing errors, and ensuring form consistency. ImmigrationAI® automates the tedious, laborious grunt work of the immigration process and empowers immigration attorneys to support more clients by simplifying the demanding process for all those involved. 

“We built ImmigrationAI® because we thought it was the right thing to do and the right time to do it,” said Filevine’s Head Legal Futurist, Cain Elliott. “We have so many new ways to deploy technology to allow immigration firms to focus on the individuals and companies at the heart of their practices, rather than paperwork. As with many others at Filevine, my own family has an immigration story at its center, so this is personal for us.


AI Automated Document Processing


The process begins by collecting all common identity documents, including birth certificates, licenses, passports, etc. Documents are easily and securely uploaded to a client’s case file in Filevine via email, text or direct upload. The Filevine-trained AI tool, a first of its kind, then scans and captures data from the documents to populate form fields, thus preventing the need for manual data entry and reducing the risk of error. To further ensure accuracy, ImmigrationAI® then scans the document data for inconsistencies to ensure that the correct information is used and to help avoid future delays.  


Automated Application Completion


Next, clients complete a USCIS smart questionnaire to capture the remaining information not found in their government documents. The questionnaire offers translation in over 170 different languages and includes an AI-powered support tool to help users complete their application and minimize the number of skipped or unanswered questions requiring follow-up. Information from the questionnaire is combined with data pulled from their identity documents to accurately and securely complete the necessary USCIS paperwork. ImmigrationAI® by Filevine ensures that the latest version of the USCIS form is available, so attorneys never waste time working on an outdated form.


Automated Form Tracking and Dashboard


Once submitted, users can easily track the questionnaire status and view all relevant documents, case details, and client information in one central dashboard. They receive automated, real-time updates when the application progresses and can take action immediately if there are any delays. 


“Whether you are reuniting families, naturalizing residents, or bolstering the workforce through EB-3 Visas, our tailor-made platform is a game-changer for immigration attorneys,” said Ryan Anderson, CEO of Filevine. "It automates the most time-consuming and error-prone tasks in immigration law, freeing up invaluable time for lawyers to dive deeper into their current caseload, accept more immigration cases, and better serve the tremendous community need.”


Comprehensive End-to-End Platform

On top of ImmigrationAI®, Immigration attorneys will benefit from the comprehensive suite of features offered in Filevine’s all-in-one technology stack, including cloud-based case management, workflow automation, contactless intake management, communication tools, advanced document search tools, robust reporting, e-signatures, time and billing tools, and payment capabilities. Attorneys can communicate with their clients, track important deadlines, send invoices, and accept payments without leaving the platform.

When coupled with Filevine Document Assembly, immigration lawyers also can generate, collaborate on, and revise documents with ease and cut down on the time spent preparing forms. Information can be extracted directly from their files to create complex, personalized documents, saving invaluable time and reducing human error. Since immigration policy can change rapidly, this centralized process lets users quickly update form templates to stay up-to-date and policy compliant.

“I see AI exactly the way Filevine sees it, as a tool to remove the mundane and focus on the real aspects of being a lawyer, which are the client relationships, effective communication and advocacy with all parties involved,” said Gianfranco De Girolamo of DGO Legal. “I’m looking forward to a great partnership.”

The Filevine Immigration License, including ImmigrationAI®, will be available to all Filevine customers using Docs+. To request a demo of ImmigrationAI® by Filevine, visit


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