Filevine Fax

The legal landscape may be changing faster than ever, but some things have stood the test of time. Fax remains a trusted solution for legal professionals all over the world.

But traditional fax methods leave a lot to be desired. They interrupt workflows and demand high levels of maintenance.

That’s why we’ve been hard at work on a better solution. One that would prevent productivity slow-downs, simplify processes across your firm, and keep your cases moving forward.

And now, it’s here. Welcome to Filevine Fax. Fax Online without exiting your software.


A Streamlined Faxing Experience

Avoid Workflow Interruptions


It doesn’t make sense to store case assets in more than one place. With Filevine Fax, you can skip the trip to the fax machine and receive faxes directly within your Filevine system. Even better – you can fax any generated or uploaded documents from Filevine to any fax-enabled number.

Intuitive Functionality
Fax generated or uploaded documents to any contact with a fax number, directly from a Filevine project or your firm’s Mailroom.

Easy Organization
When a Fax is sent to a Filevine Fax line, it will automatically deliver to the associated project or Mailroom.

Added Confidence
Automatically generate fax confirmations for every fax sent from Filevine.


Easier Online Fax Management

Keep things humming


The word “fax” may conjure up memories of outdated machines and busy signals, but Filevine’s cloud-based fax solution is low-maintenance and easy to configure. Enable individual projects for faxing, or centralize fax-communication to your Mailroom. You can add new lines and modify existing numbers according to your needs.

Line Manager
Easily manage your firm’s faxing lines inside Filevine. Add new numbers, re-assign existing lines or fax-enable old projects.

Status Indicators
Stay on top of your fax queue with automatic status indicators: “Pending,” “Busy,” “Sent,” “Delivered,” and more.

Instant Notifications
Be notified about incoming faxes instantly via text, email, or Slack. You’ll also receive a notification if an outgoing fax ever fails to send.


A Fully Integrated Solution

Faxing Shouldn’t Slow You Down


With our Online Fax, the same tools that keep your cases moving forward – things like Automatic Taskflows, Hashtags, and Filevine Periscope – can streamline your team’s fax workflow, too. This helps make sure documents are sent on time and that every important record is stored properly.

Automatic Tasks
Automatically assign fax-related tasks to the right team members with our customizable Taskflow system.

Taskflow Triggers
Start contained Taskflows in any project to walk team-members through non-standard fax communications.

Document Generation
Generate form-letters, contracts, and other documents with a single click and fax them directly from Filevine.


The New Standard in Legal Online Faxing

With Filevine Fax, you can boost efficiency by integrating faxing processes directly into your workflow. When nothing falls through the cracks, your cases can keep moving forward.


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