Email to/from Case File

March 31, 2015

Instantly Record Outbound Emails

Emailing from Filevine is a breeze. Just click a client or collaborator email from the case file and Filevine will launch your email client and CC the Filevine case-file. That means Filevine will keep a record of the conversation moving forward, making email threads easy and seamless.

Trigger Email Templates with Taskflows & Action Buttons

Every office has a number of email templates that they send all of the time. Filevine makes it easy to build emails that pull relevant emails from the case-file that you can send to your clients or partners. You can build these into your task flows or as a button on the project file to send the email template with the click of a button.

Easily Move the Conversation into Filevine

Every case-file in Filevine has its own email address. That means you can forward or CC any email from your inbox to the Filevine project so that you can keep record of important conversations. With an open office-wide mailroom, you can even move general emails to a Filevine inbox that can be sorted by your team into their proper files.

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