PDF Editing, Highlighting, Redacting, and More

May 31, 2020

PDF documents are used frequently in legal work, and with good reason—the format is light-weight, customizable, and supports advanced functionality.

But editing these documents has always been a productivity drain for legal teams.

Docs+ PDF lets your team edit uploaded PDF files directly within Filevine, without ever leaving your system. With this tool, you can add text, redact information, apply highlighting, attach files, insert images, collaborate through comments—and so much more.

Unlock the Capability of PDFs

With Docs+ PDF activated on your Filevine account, you can quickly bring up any PDF in your system for easy editing. Our stylish and functional UI puts every important tool directly within your reach, allowing your team to spend less time managing documents and more time helping clients.

Easy Access
Quickly open a PDF document for editing from anywhere in Filevine

Beautifully Functional
Work quickly and decisively with a simple and stylish UI that puts the most powerful tools within easy reach

Collaborate in Real Time
Leave comments for other team members to review, or use stamps to highlight areas in need of a closer look

Finalize & Share
Instantly optimize your PDF once edits are complete. Share the finalized PDF with secure links directly from Filevine

The Right Tool(s) for the Job

Docs+ PDF puts every important tool for editing PDF documents within easy reach. Text can be added or redacted. Signatures or images can be inserted. Advanced formatting tools help you produce documents that are as stylish as they are functional.

Add Text
Quickly add new text to a PDF. Control formatting with opacity, thickness, text size, and text color settings

Redact Information
Fully redact information from any PDF file. Choose to erase text completely with a white-out option, or use other colors to show that information was removed

Insert Signatures & Images
Easily add your signature to a PDF and position it exactly where it needs to go. Images can be inserted and positioned in the same way

Highlight Text
Use the highlighter tool to make important text stand out in your documents

Erase Mistakes
Easily erase unsaved edits made by mistake with the eraser tool. You can also use CTRL/CMD+Z to undo changes

PDF Review Made Easy

In addition to powerful editing tools, Docs+ PDF allows you to easily adjust your view to better suit your needs. Change page layout, page transition, document rotation, and zoom level as needed. Use comments to collaborate with team members, or place stamps to call out important areas.

Multiple Layout Options
Quickly switch between single-page, two-page, and offset page views to see your documents in a new way

Page Transition Modes
Choose between two page transition effects—continuous, or page-by-page

“Enhance, Rotate, Enhance”
Zoom in for a granular look at your formatting, or zoom out for a macro overview of the document. Rotate the PDF as needed to accommodate different styles

Powerful Collaboration

Sometimes, editing a PDF is a team effort. Comments help your team communicate and collaborate on a single document. Additionally, our Thumbnail and Outline tools give you a complete and thorough overview of the entire PDF.

Communication & Collaboration
Easily add and review any comments made in the PDF in one location

Fast Navigation
Use the Thumbnails section to quickly jump to any page in the PDF file

Easy Searching
Visit the Outlines section to quickly jump to critical information in your PDF. You can also search the document for any relevant keywords or phrases

PDF Management, Elevated

Docs+ PDF is one powerful tool that allows legal professionals to work quickly through the document editing process so you can focus more on the client.

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