In-house Counsel & Matter Management

Our Corporate Legal Software allows you to establish an efficient, legal-specific workflow that allows in-house teams to easily demonstrate a return on investment to the business.

Team Collaboration

Protect your corporation and help business units achieve their goals by promoting intra-departmental teamwork and partnerships. Segment the workflow of your department or company to meet unique industry requirements.

Task Management

Handle your core business matters, assign interdepartmental tasks and serve as a “watchdog” on matters delegated to outside counsel. Automate time-consuming or repetitive tasks, such as invoice review and regulatory filings.

Guest Users for Co-Counsel

Ensure secure sharing of confidential information with unlimited customized access roles for every person in your company and outside counsel. Restrict access to any portion of your files with ease.

Central Location for Notes, Emails, and Documents

Sync your calendar and email with Gmail, Outlook, and more. Access your files from all corners of the globe. Get text and email message alerts for yourself, your staff, and clients for upcoming tasks, meetings, and deadlines. Communicate legal updates affecting your industry with a single click.

Contract Management

Stop fiscal, compliance and ethical problems before they happen by getting the contract right the first time—and gain visibility into what is happening in your active contracts at virtually every stage of the contract lifecycle from the creation, negotiation, and approval processes through tracking milestones and onto renewals.

Create Contract Templates

Leverage your industry experience and knowledge while ensuring uniformity in your company’s routine transactions. Create a playbook of standard customer agreements to educate your staff, both inside and outside, about the company’s risk exposure and comfort levels.

Document Organization with Hashtags, Folders and Such

Reduce negotiation risk and understand through data analytics the clauses that really matter to your industry. Eliminate the negotiating “noise” that is time wasted.

Get Documents Signed via Vinesign

Minimize the lag time in completing contract renewals. Execute agreements trans-globally. Ensure all of your company’s key employees have complied with your State’s new workplace regulations and disclosures– without having to chase down physical signatures.

Project Efficiency

Better manage outside counsel and costs, ensuring that you are not being over-billed and that matters are being handled properly using standardized reporting and cost projections. Do more with less and effectively manage the resources of the company without diminishing your legal role and your duty to your client.

Automated Project Progress Reports

Identify, collect and report on the key performance indicators that are meaningful to your CFO and CEO. Provide feedback to your firm and anticipate company needs proactively with customizable reports.

See into Staff Member Workload

Monitor projects, give more meaningful status reports and provide data for stakeholder or executive reviews.

Heavy Customization to Fit Diverse Needs

Meet the unique needs of your company, whether you need to receive specialized case assessments, budgets and periodic status reports or require better data to evaluate outside counsel and internal productivity.

More Benefits

Cloud-based Case Management Software That Works For Your Team

Filevine is accessible in the office and on-the-go. Go paperless with both desktop and mobile versions that keep you flexible and secure.

Workflows Automation Software That Puts Time Back In Your Schedule

Establish a winning process with specific task assignments and automated workflows. Collaborate with your team to bring the case to close.

Next-Level Legal Document Management Software That Streamlines Work

Keep a record of all your documents in one secure place. Generate, store, and easily share documents with your team, clients, and outside counsel.

Custom Reports That Deliver Groundbreaking Insights

Make your data work for you with limitless custom reports and creative dashboards. Get alerts for the information you care about.

Never Miss Critical Events With Calendars & Deadlines Features

Never miss your deadlines. Automated task flows and deadline chains ensure nothing slips through the cracks, while calendaring helps you keep track of upcoming meetings, hearings, or trials.

Powerful Integrations That Take Connectivity To New Heights

Filevine integrates with a number of leading tools used by top legal teams that help you get work done. Leverage these partnerships to take your business further.

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