Phase-based taskflows have kept your team running efficiently, deep-running reports have helped you make every decision with confidence, and team collaboration and communication has been a simple, unified experience.

Now, it gets even better. With Taskflow Triggers, any process at your law firm can be broken down into a series of autotasks for your team to follow.

Not Your Average Taskflow

No two cases are exactly alike. Legal teams have to be able to adapt on the fly to keep up with a shifting and expanding caseload. But where before you were limited to certain autotasks in certain case phases, now there are no rules. Taskflow Triggers allow you to start stand-alone taskflows at any point in a case’s progress.

This is very useful for processes like collecting medical records, especially when combined with the added ability to pull provider-specific information into each autotask. Now your team doesn’t need to scrub a file for information when you ask them to contact a provider. The autotask itself includes the necessary contact information.

Even better, these Taskflow Triggers will never interfere with your established phase-based taskflows. They are self-contained and can be reset for repeatable processes. And did we mention they are 100% customizable?

The video above details how Taskflow Triggers can help with collecting records and keeping up with client contacts, but we can think of more processes this tool can automate for your law firm.

Obtaining Police Reports

Receiving a police report related to your client’s injury is a standard part of running a PI case. But with so much else going on, it often gets lost in the shuffle or put off for too long.

Not with Taskflow Triggers! Now, the process can be standardized.

Start by clicking the taskflow trigger

The first autotask will assign itself to the proper member of your team

Subsequent autotasks will release when the first task is complete

Automate your Practice

Taskflow Triggers can help you achieve higher levels of efficiency across your caseload. Learn more about creating and using Taskflow Triggers from Filevine Support.