Introducing Auto-hashtags

Automated case monitoring

Filevine is rolling out automatic hashtags. This beta feature lets you mass tag many projects at once according to their most important parameters.

When you create an Auto-hashtag, every project that meets your custom criteria will automatically receive that hashtag. Once a project no longer meets that criteria, the hashtag is automatically removed. This makes finding what you’re looking for faster and easier than ever before.

But Auto-hashtags have more to offer than a streamlined searching experience. Since Filevine Reports can use hashtags as filtering criteria, Auto-hashtags will allow you to set up daily reports that can be emailed directly to your inbox every morning, afternoon, or night. You can make those daily reports even more powerful with a Domo integration that lets you visualize and extrapolate your firm’s data.

This tool is still in the beta stage, but early adopters of Auto-hashtags are finding all kinds of creative uses for it. Here are few things we’ve seen:

  • #highvalue — instantly search for all your cases with a high settlement value. Set the amount that makes sense for your firm, and with a simple search bring up all your big cases.!
  • #noactivity — search for cases that have sat dormant for a certain number of days. You can set different parameters — no activity for 30 days; no activity for 10 days — to have instant access to any case that needs a little attention. Take some action on that case, and they’ll lose the hashtag.
  • #sol — set hashtags regarding an upcoming Statute of Limitations, bringing up every case that will hit its SOL within a certain number of months. You can also search for #missingsol to see cases that still need some calculating.
  • #insuranceinc — automatically hashtag all your cases involving a certain insurance company, so you can look at them together in one simple search.
  • #positivemri – use this hashtag to easily track any clients with positive MRI results.

And we’re certain our users will find even more creative ways to use Auto-hashtags to improve their work. Please share your ideas with us! We’re excited to see how Auto-hashtags help your practice.

Secure your seat for the Auto-hashtags beta

Open slots for beta testers are running out! If you’d like to give Auto-hashtags a try, sign up fast.

Why the constant improvements? Our philosophy and our promise

If you’ve been paying attention, you’ve probably noticed that we’ve released a lot of new features over the past few weeks.  We’ll agree that Filevine has always been great – so why do we continue to push the envelope?

It’s about our users.

Following World War II, Japanese manufacturing saw rapid growth. American analysts tried to learn why they kept hearing the word ‘Kaizen’ when they investigated Japanese industries. ‘Kaizen’ means improvement, but it’s also a governing philosophy of continuous daily progress that influences every stage of the workflow and emphasizes constant adaptation and flexibility.

Central to the practice of Kaizen is a sense of treating employees as humans. Increasing their happiness and satisfaction is as important as improving the efficiency and productivity of workflow.

Kaizen transformed a burned and bombed war-scape into a manufacturing superpower. And at Filevine, we believe the spirit of continuous improvement will make life better for the attorneys who work with us and their clients.

Every day we’re thinking creatively about ways to make your Filevine experience better. We’re working to adapt to your needs and preferences. And we’re hoping not only to make your legal team more efficient – but also to make your work more rewarding.

Central to that is removing the tedium and frustration of attorneys and staff members. That’s why our newest features make reports and metrics simple and decreases the likelihood of overlooked cases.

So keep talking to us about your pet peeves and brilliant ideas, and we’ll continue our mission to modernize the legal industry.