The Definitive Guide to Document Assembly Series

This is Part 3 of a 5-Part series where we dive into the power and building of advanced documents in Filevine. This draws inspiration from an informative Filevine webinar that was hosted by Emily Lippincott and Sarah O'Neil.

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Customizing Contact Cards

Showcasing inside the Filevine Customizing Contact Cards Setup

In this section, we will explore the benefits of customizing contact cards within Filevine and how they can enhance document generation. Contact cards provide a powerful way to capture specific details about different types of contacts, such as individuals involved in motor vehicle accidents. Let's delve into the potential of contact cards and their customization options.

Out-of-the-Box Fields vs. Custom Fields

Filevine offers pre-built fields in contact cards, but the real value lies in creating custom fields tailored to unique requirements. Customization enables users to capture and organize relevant data efficiently.

For example, consider the contact care for a defendant in a motor vehicle accident. It serves as an enhanced address book entry, allowing seamless data extraction for document generation.

Incorporating Contact Card Fields into Documents

Contact card fields can be integrated into a demand letter template. The prefix field from the contact card is mapped to generate a personalized salutation in the letter. Conditional logic ensures that the information populates dynamically based on the recipient and delivery method specified in the project.

Utilizing Multiple Instances of Fields

Contact cards accommodate multiple instances of certain fields, such as email addresses. Users can select the desired email address when generating documents, ensuring flexibility and relevance.

Benefits of Customization

Custom contact cards save time and eliminate the need for manual data extraction and entry. Staff can focus on more important tasks, reducing administrative burdens and enhancing productivity.

Customizing contact cards within Filevine offers a wealth of possibilities. By tailoring contact cards to specific needs, users can optimize document generation, save time, and enhance productivity. The flexibility and customization options provided by contact cards empower legal professionals to work more efficiently and focus on delivering exceptional results.

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Next Section: Watermarks and Letterhead

The next topic in this webinar is the use of watermarks and letterheads to customize document formatting. Join us as we explore how to incorporate watermarks and letterheads effectively within Filevine Document Assembly. These elements add a professional touch and promote branding consistency, ensuring that your legal documents are both visually appealing and aligned with your firm's identity.

Stay tuned for practical tips and insights on optimizing document customization with watermarks and letterheads in the context of Filevine's powerful features.