Joe Galotti weighs in on Filevine’s worth as a communications tool

Whether it be with clients or staff members, the ability to communicate means everything when it comes to an attorney’s ability to manage a law office. At Answering Legal, we know the importance of communication quite well, as our company is hard at work 24/7/365 answering phone calls exclusively for attorneys.

Lawyers typically reach out to our service because they are failing to communicate with the many potential clients calling into their firm, and are struggling to properly record and organize their callers’ individual case information. Law offices will end up asking for our help, because their failure to properly communicate is costing them business.

Of course not all communication at a law office takes place over phone calls these days. More and more, attorneys are being asked to communicate with clients through text messaging. And more and more, lawyers are performing office administrative duties on computers, and a need a way to keep their co-workers updated and on-task with various assignments. The modern law office needs a quality case management software to help them work with the level of efficiency and organization necessary to impress today’s clients. And for law offices of all sizes we think Filevine is a top software choice. Here’s why.

Filevine Makes Communicating With Clients Easy

The ability to communicate with clients through SMS text messaging has become more and more necessary for attorneys in recent years. Using texting as a form of communication not only can be a significant time saver for law firms, but can be a great way for attorneys to connect with their millennial aged clients.

According to a 2017 survey, 19 percent of millennials indicated they expected to be able to communicate with their attorneys through text and email.

More and more legal consumers are becoming tech savvy, so in order to keep up in today’s market, attorneys need to be as tech savvy possible with the way they communicate.

With Filevine’s Text-to-Case-File feature, attorneys can use their legal software as method for sending and receiving text messages to clients, and do so directly from their client’s case file.

Attorneys seek privacy

Why would attorneys prefer the ability to text clients through a legal software program rather than their personal cell phone? Because lawyers typically like to keep their private life and professional life separate, and aren’t looking to be bothered with messages or calls 24/7 by an overzealous client. Filevine allows attorneys the ability to provide quick responses to clients through a platform they prefer using, while still maintaining a level of privacy that is very necessary in the legal profession.

Text messages sent through Filevine are delivered directly and securely to a case file located inside the software. Attorneys can easily give any of their staff members access to the case file, and the ability to respond to client texts if needed.

While some attorneys are still resistant to the concept of texting clients, many are beginning to come around to its many advantages, especially with a messaging option like Filevine now available.

Some advantages attorneys experience when texting clients:

  • Attorneys can answer simple clients questions instantaneously, and avoid lengthy phone conversations
  • Attorneys can stay in communication with multiple clients at once
  • Attorneys can conduct private conversations with clients, while waiting around in public settings like courthouses.
  • Attorneys can get quick information like appointment dates and court date notifications out to clients, without having to play phone tag with them to confirm a time.

Attorneys need to provide as many communication options as possible for their clients, in order to win over as many as possible, and Filevine is built to help lawyers accomplish this.

Filevine Makes Communicating With Staff Easier

No attorney enjoys performing administrative tasks. They’re usually quite tedious, and can often derail a lawyer’s work day, preventing them from getting important case work done. So most lawyers will hire staff members to help with things like generating and sending client bills, creating documents, and managing a schedule.

Simplifies In-Office Communication

With attorneys being such busy people, they are in desperate need of a fast and efficient way to communicate with the staff members handling their firm’s administrative tasks, to ensure that nothing important slips through the cracks.

With Filevine, lawyers can easily oversee firm projects and keep the whole team on track towards accomplishing firm goals. Attorneys have the ability to assign certain tasks to their employees through the software, and then monitor their worker’s progress through the software in a social media inspired feed.

Keeps Attorneys In The Loop

Filevine’s many advanced customization features put lawyers in full control of what is happening with their law office. And trust us, attorneys always want as much control as possible when it comes to things happening with their practice.

At our answering service, we give lawyers the ability to decide how we answer their firms, and in what situations we forward them calls or just take a message. With Filevine attorneys get the chance to organize their workflow to prominently display the projects they care most about at the time, and can set up alerts to be triggered a project reaches certain phases.

Helps Projects Stay On Track

Filevine provides a deadline alert tool that provides law office team members with reminders of when a project or task due date is near. In a law office where about a billion things can being going on during a certain day, this feature proves to be more helpful than one might think.

Filevine’s software technology truly is the perfect team management tool for all attorneys, and will assure every firm makes the most out of its work day.

Do you have an answering service?

By pairing a great case management software like Filevine with a high quality legal answering service such as Answering Legal, law offices can ensure that all of their communications bases are covered, and set themselves up for significant growth. There’s a reason we named Filevine as one of our top nine legal softwares of 2018, and it’s largely because of how communication-friendly their software is. As a company that directly serves attorneys every day, we take our product recommendations to lawyers very seriously, and Filevine is a software we are proud to endorse.