Phone calls can bury any law firm. When we started the firm, it seemed simple–  You get a call, you return the call. Keep the client happy. But those of us who have seen firms grow know that is not the case. How can you cut down on call time as your firm grows?

Call volume and client growth do not actually grow at a 1/1 ratio. Cases, as they age, tend to increase in complexity and size.  This means that a case which might have generated a few phone calls a month when you signed it up, may require dozens of monthly calls 2 years into the case.

So you have a double whammy–  as your firm grows, you take on more cases, which require more support.  But the inventory of older cases actually require MORE calls than they did before… So call volume actually grows exponentially.

For any firm trying scale, this is deadly.  It will kill your time and diminish your margins. At the end of the day, you can solve this problem by meeting call demand and hiring more staff, or you can solve the problem with technology.  We recommend the latter.

Learn how Filevine can help you cut down on call time using organized case management and text-to-file technology. Give clients the attention they want, and give yourself the privacy you need with Filevine.