Filevine is pleased to announce an all-new, comprehensive reporting system unlike anything in the legal industry.

“Which of my staff consistently achieves the highest settlements?”

“What phase of each case takes the longest?”

“Which team has the most room for new cases?”

“How many cases have expenses over 100,000 dollars?”

“What is our historical settlement values with this claims adjuster?”

Filevine has gone through a major update to its reporting system. Now we offer answers to nearly any question you can think of. Anything you can track in Filevine can be turned into a detailed report. From names to values to team members, you can analyze your data to your heart’s content.

This reporting capability gives Filevine abilities unlike any other case management software on the market today. Not only can you check simple things like what cases have had no activity for a while, but you can start to get real insight into how your firm functions. Find choke-points in the workflow. Discover profit centers. Get the data you need to make real decisions for the future of your firm.

Naturally, you can save any and all of these reports to be run with the click of a button. Most people will want to save a few key reports such as seeing all projects of a certain type, or seeing which staff members have completed the most tasks in the past month.

To see how to set up your own custom reports, watch this video:

To have custom reports, you need custom data. That’s where our customized sections come into play. You can read more about custom sections here. To sum it up: at this point, you can collect and track any data about your firm that you can imagine by  using Filevine.