Criminal Justice Lawyers are under tremendous pressure. This is why it is crucial to implement a reliable legal case management software.

A case management system must include the right practice management tools to improve a criminal justice lawyer's practice, relieve their stress, and help them better serve their clients and community.

Here is a list of the top crucial case management features for prosecutors and defenders in the criminal justice system.

1. Cloud-Based Access

The COVID pandemic threw the criminal justice system into turmoil. Cloud-based document management system is the best way to prepare for future disruption—while making your work more streamlined and collaborative.

The amount of information you are expected to collect, store, retrieve, edit, and archive is tremendous.

Introducing cloud-based storage, you can do it all from any device. Whether working from home or in court all day, you can continue getting your important work done from anywhere.

Never again worry whether you brought the proper documents in your briefcase. With the cloud, your entire office travels with you.

The cloud also makes it easy to securely share information with your team, professionals, or agencies as required.

2. Text Communication 

Clients and colleagues love to text. It’s fast and easy, and text messages are more likely than emails to reach their recipient and get a response. 

But sending a text usually means giving out your cell number. 

There’s a better way: texting to and from a case file. Communicate regularly with clients, witnesses, and colleagues in the manner they prefer while keeping your number secure. Send reminders about appointments and court dates, address questions, and securely store all communication in the case file.

3. Customizable Workflows

Every prosecutor’s office or law firm functions differently. Your case management software needs to be fully customizable, allowing you to follow your unique requirements and workflows. 

Filevine’s endless customizability ensures you can set your goals, prioritize your values, and practice law according to your system.

4. Automated Tasks

Across the continent, prosecutor’s offices are backlogged. Defense lawyers—especially public defenders—are overloaded and overworked in today's criminal justice system.

Automated systems can lighten the workload. Automated task flows can be set up to work around your legal operations. You can speed up and simplify routine tasks.

Automated task flows empower staff members to accomplish more by receiving a detailed walkthrough at each step.

5. Generate Documents

Automation can also improve the quality standards of your office. Automated document generation fills out forms and creates documents using information already stored in your files. Not only does this eliminate redundant data entry, but it also ensures that your documents meet the highest standards, no matter who creates them.

6. Smart Calendaring

Stay well ahead of deadlines through smart calendaring tools. Customize your deadlines to your jurisdiction to clarify priorities and ensure that everything runs smoothly.

7. Conflict Checks

Check for conflicts more accessible and thorough when you keep all your information in one system. Protect your clients and reputation by investing in a practice management system that centralizes data and simplifies conflict check. 

8. Data Analysis

Understand your data and track your workload. Reports and dashboards can demonstrate your worth to your clients and community and help you diagnose problems and bottlenecks in your office.

When criminal justice reform is on the lips of legislators and activists across the country, better data analysis will allow prosecutors and defenders to better understand the challenges and needs in their jurisdiction.

Overall, there are many other features that might fit into a public defender and prosecutor's legal operations. But we believe these features are crucial in their day-to-day operations to function in the evergrowing criminal justice system.

Filevine Case Management Features

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