Big Law Case Management with Filevine

Your firm is too big to manage with spreadsheets or clunky, old software. Filevine helps you do more with less by providing one system to manage your work. Centralize oversight of projects, document management, client communication, and team collaboration — all securely, all confidentially, all in one place.

Better work gets done in Filevine

Filevine is practice management designed to meet your needs. Revolutionize the way your practice areas work across multiple offices with software that automates your workflows and simplifies your processes.

Case management (and everything else) all in one place

Track prospective clients and manage their case work all in one integrated system. Whatever you need to practice law, you can do it in Filevine.

Generate and search documents

Reduce your reliance on paper and take your firm into the digital age. Filevine can create custom or templated documents that are immediately searchable. All in one browser.

Keep the team talking and communicating from anywhere

Communicate with your team, keep clients updated, and collaborate with staff from wherever you are.

Collaboration within and across teams

No more late-night emails asking, “Where are we on this?”

Filevine is a central repository and logs history of all communications, tasks, and reminders in a single location. You can draft, comment, or finalize pleadings and motions all while collaborating with experts, co-counsel, or corporate counsel.

Document management

Keep your data secure and confidential with Filevine. Create a shared repository on the cloud so you can access documents at the office, in the courtroom, or anywhere in between. Easily manage who can see and access what with permissions and roles.

Powerful reporting

Know more about every aspect of your organization. From staff production to financial details and everything in between, you can develop reports for oversight and visibility into practice areas and resource allocation across your firm. Review upcoming and past-due tasks, view financial details through interactive reporting, and customize each report down to the types of cases you manage.

Analog, meet digital

Quit relying on time-consuming letters and faxes to collect signatures. With Fax and Vinesign you can send, receive, and store faxes or contracts all in the cloud, all in one system.

Created just for your firm

Customize the details of your practice areas down to the name of the fields, type of fields, and how it displays on the page. Work hand-in-hand with an implementation specialist to assist you in designing tailored workflows and processes established for your firm.

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