Deadline, Task, and Case Management with Filevine

Filevine helps you stay on top of your caseload with automated workflows and simplified processes. Review case progress, manage tasks, track discovery, and communicate with law enforcement, all in one platform.

Better work, better connections, better results

Save time and deliver better results with case management software built to fit your team’s unique workflow.

Track and manage discovery

Share, store, edit, and manage your documents with the opposing counsel, and stay on top of your discovery deadlines — all in one place.

Simplify your intake

We facilitate integrations with law enforcement software for hassle-free access to all the criminal records and court documents you need.

Find it fast

Quickly search for evidence, case files, subpoenas, or notices. Utilize hashtags to add another layer of searchability to customize the way you log case files.

Task and calendar management

Never let a simple task slip through the cracks. Automated task flows make it easy for your team to meet discovery deadlines, while calendaring helps you keep track of upcoming hearing and trial dates.

Document management

Keep track of case files, criminal records, and court documents in one secure place. Share documents with team members and opposing counsel, and gather eSignatures by text.

Communication made easy

Keep in touch with witnesses and victims, and stay on top of everything else. Two-way texting saves time and reduces errors by managing text messages and attachments directly in Filevine.

Tailored reports

Measure the KPI’s that matter the most. Fully customizable reports allow you to report on any data point inside Filevine. Gain insights on everything from your own resources and staff to crime-based stats.

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