Product Terms


Filevine User Licenses:

  1. Subscriber may add Filevine Licenses during the Term at the same price listed on the Sales Order. Once the number of Filevine Licenses has increased, Subscriber shall maintain that number of Filevine Licenses throughout the duration of the Term.


  1. Subscriber is solely responsible for ensuring that all fax features are used in accordance with all federal, state and local laws.
  2. Subscriber understands and acknowledges that it is prohibited from using the Fax service to transmit any material that (a) infringes the intellectual property rights or rights of any third parties; (b) facilitates or encourages libelous, defamatory, discriminatory, or otherwise malicious or harmful speech acts to any person or entity; or (c) is offensive, inappropriate, obscene, illegal or otherwise objectionable to a person or entity.
  3. In the event Subscriber exceeds its contracted page limit per year, overage fees may apply.


  1. Filevine offers three (3) different Periscope Packages: Periscope Standard, Periscope Gold, and Periscope Platinum.
    1. Periscope Standard includes read-only visualization of the following Filevine data points:
      1. Cases per phase by attorney
      2. Cases per incident type
      3. Cases per classification
      4. Cases per phase
      5. New cases over time
      6. Cases by phase by case manager
    2. Periscope Gold includes read-only visualization of all Periscope Standard data points PLUS the following Filevine data points:
      1. Intake dashboard
      2. Client growth
      3. Cases signed per intake specialist
      4. Cases per referral source
      5. Settlement dashboard
      6. Total fees per source
      7. Total fees per attorney
      8. Total fees per incident type
      9. Average cycle time per attorney
    3. Periscope Platinum includes read-only visualization of all Periscope Standard & Gold data points PLUS the following Filevine data points:
      1. Actions per type
      2. Actions per user
      3. Employee performance
      4. Employee procrastinators
      5. Global firm actions
      6. Employee task efficiency
      7. Employee average target hit time
      8. Projected settlement dashboard
      9. Projected settlement according to source
      10. Project Fees
      11. Projected fees per referral source
  2. In the event Subscriber has complex projects, a large number of project types, and/or multiple Filevine Orgs, additional scoping and fees may apply.


  1. Services Generally: The Ringbird Service serves as an answering service and perform legal intakes on behalf of Subscriber through a combination of telephonic and online chat correspondence. Subscriber acknowledges and agrees that all time a Ringbird Intake Specialist spends corresponding with Subscriber’s client or potential client will count toward Subscriber’s monthly minute total, whether such correspondence took place via phone or online chat.
  2. Renewal: After the Initial Term, Subscriber’s Ringbird subscription shall automatically renew month to month, provided that either party may terminate the Ringbird Service upon thirty (30) days’ prior written notice to the other party.
  3. Payment: Ringbird Onboarding fees shall be due upon signing the applicable Sales Order. Subscriber shall be invoiced for the Ringbird Service at the end of the calendar month. Payment is due within thirty (30) days of the invoice date. Upon termination of the Ringbird service, Subscriber will be invoiced for any minutes accrued during the period between cancellation and the next billing cycle.
  4. Ringbird Onboarding: The Ringbird Onboarding fees cover the following services: (i) a “Welcome Call” with the Ringbird Team to address initial questions; (ii) an “Onboarding Call” with the Ringbird team to review Subscriber’s basic information, intake and reception processes, appointment setting processes, and lead follow-up processes; (iii) process build-out and training in the Ringbird application; and (iv) test call with Subscriber to ensure processes and notifications are functioning appropriately.
  5. Overages: If minutes used in a given month exceed the quantity listed on the applicable Sales Order, Subscriber has the option to either: (a) upgrade its monthly plan at the same per minute fee contained in the applicable Sales Order; or (ii) keep its contracted monthly plan and pay an overage charge of $0.138 per minute over its contracted minute allocation. In the event Subscriber chooses to upgrade its monthly plan, Subscriber shall not downgrade its monthly plan for a period of ninety (90) days.
  6. Changing Plans: Subscriber may upgrade its monthly plan at any time. Subscriber may only downgrade its monthly plan after it has been on said monthly plan for a period of no less than ninety (90) days. The new plan will take effect at the commencement of the next billing cycle.