Podcast: Hamilton Chan & the Netflix of Legal Education

“Post the 2008 recession, a lot of law schools in America had to scramble. Even the Harvards and the Yales and the Stanford Laws had to go and reckon with decreased applications and potentially reduced enrollments.”

20 December, 2019

Katie Wolf

Katie Wolf

Into that vacuum stepped Hamilton Chan, Loyola’s new Director of Executive Education at Loyola Law School. His new approach to legal education is already making waves, with many proponents labeling it “the Netflix of legal education.” It definitely isn’t your standard law school experience—Hamilton’s methods include video libraries, digital learning environments, and even paid actors and performers.

Hamilton doesn’t see this approach as new-fangled or high-tech; he sees it as the logical next step for legal education in general, and his diverse career path specifically. How does one person find success at JP Morgan, become a rising star at a prestigious national law firm, surpass expectations at MGM, and then find his way into cutting-edge legal education?

Find out in this episode of the Filevine Fireside, and learn more about Hamilton Chan’s education program at Loyola Law School’s website.

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