Embracing an Abundance Mindset with Tyson Mutrux

“I have an abundance mindset, I don’t have a scarcity mindset . . . in general, there’s plenty of money and clients to go around for everybody. I give all of my forms, all my tips, all my advice to my competitors. I don’t care.”

17 January, 2020

Katie Wolf

Katie Wolf

All lawyers fall somewhere along a spectrum of energy. At the low end is convention and complacency; at the other end is Tyson Mutrux.

Tyson is a personal injury lawyer in St. Louis, Missouri. In addition to owning and managing his own firm, he’s also one of the founders of Maximum Lawyer.

Maximum Lawyer is a community for lawyers who are driven to learn new techniques and share ideas about improving their practice. It includes a podcast, a very active Facebook group, and it hosts its own annual conference.

Even with all of this going on, Tyson still found the time to talk with us today on the Filevine Fireside. And really, that’s just another reflection of his deeply-rooted beliefs about industry collaboration. Tyson maintains an “abundance mindset” that encourages the sharing of ideas, tactics, and even internal forms and procedures.

This philosophy is reflected in every area of Tyson’s work, from his growing personal injury law firm to his nationally supported Maximum Lawyer Conference. Learn more about it on this episode of the Filevine Fireside.

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