ApexChat is an innovative and customer-focused platform designed to help you convert qualified leads into successful outcomes. Our live chat agents are well-trained industry professionals, available 24/7 for maximum engagement with your customers.

ApexChat and Filevine

With millions of chats under our belt, we have the invaluable insight needed to develop powerful scripts that guarantee conversions through seamless onboarding experiences backed by friendly staff support. And best of all? You'll only pay based on those results - no extra fees!

Additionally, with our new ApexVoice service, you can provide your customers with access to our top-tier, industry-trained agents who will provide them with a customized customer experience. Your customers will be confident that they're always receiving personalized attention for their inquiries!

ApexChat offers a variety of features, including:

  • Live chat: ApexChat allows businesses to chat with their customers in real-time. This can help businesses to improve customer satisfaction and boost sales.

  • Automated chat: ApexChat can also automate chat conversations. This can help businesses to save time and resources.

  • Chatbots: ApexChat can also be used to create chatbots. Chatbots can answer common questions, provide customer support, and sell products.

  • Analytics: ApexChat provides businesses analytics about their chat conversations. This data can be used to improve the customer experience and make better business decisions.

Increased customer satisfaction

ApexChat can help businesses improve customer satisfaction by allowing them to chat with their customers in real-time. This can help businesses to resolve customer issues quickly and easily.

Increased sales

ApexChat can also help businesses to increase sales by providing them with a way to sell products directly to their customers through chat conversations.

Reduced costs

ApexChat can help businesses to reduce costs by providing them with a way to automate chat conversations. This can save businesses time and money.
Customer service

Improved customer service

ApexChat can help businesses improve their customer service by allowing them to track and manage chat conversations. This can help businesses ensure that their customers get the best possible service.

Enhancing Client Engagement for Law Firms with ApexChat

ApexChat can benefit your law firm or legal practice by providing real-time chat capabilities to engage with clients and potential leads.

It helps improve customer satisfaction, increase lead conversion rates, and streamline communication and collaboration with clients.

ApexChat seamlessly integrates with Filevine, allowing you to capture and sync chat data directly into your Filevine case management system.

This integration ensures that all client interactions, inquiries, and important information are automatically recorded and accessible within Filevine.

Absolutely! ApexChat specializes in lead generation and conversion. Their live chat agents are trained professionals who engage with website visitors, answer inquiries, and capture potential leads.

By integrating ApexChat with Filevine, you can efficiently manage and nurture those leads within your case management system.

Yes, ApexChat can greatly assist with client intake and onboarding processes. Through their live chat feature, you can engage with potential clients, collect initial information, and guide them through the onboarding process.

This streamlines the client intake workflow and ensures a seamless experience for new clients.

Absolutely! ApexChat offers 24/7 availability, allowing your law firm to provide after-hours support and engage with clients at any time.

This ensures that clients receive timely assistance, even outside regular business hours, leading to increased client satisfaction and improved responsiveness.