January 14, 2022, Salt Lake City — Vinesign, the eSignature solution from Filevine, today announced the release of an enhanced document verification service, accomplished through the use of private Blockchain technology. The new, publicly available verification portal allows anyone to confirm key details about a Vinesigned document and its signatures in order to uphold its authenticity.

Vinesign’s use of blockchain technology enables robust document and signature verification results. Documents submitted for verification are checked against a record of all Vinesign eSignature activity recorded on a private blockchain. This approach enables verification that the document was signed on Vinesign, that it is unaltered, and that it is the most recent version to have been signed.

“Vinesign blockchain verification provides proof that your document is authentic and unaltered,” explains Eric Coffman, Director of Engineering at Filevine.

For Vinesign’s customers, the ability to confirm these aspects of a document’s history and authenticity represent a key advantage when choosing an eSignature solution. Vinesign serves leading law firms, legal service providers, and professionals who may be called upon to uphold the legitimacy of digitally signed documents in the course of their legal work.

“Authenticity should be irrefutable,” says Ryan Anderson, Filevine’s CEO and Co-Founder. “With blockchain verification included on all Vinesign documents, now it can be.”

As a leader in legal technology, Vinesign and Filevine provide solutions that make the intersection of legal work and business more seamless, transparent and effortless for all legal professionals and everyone they interact with. Enabling the effortless collection and verification of digital signatures is critical to Vinesign’s vision and status as a trusted partner for organizations of all sizes and industries.

Vinesign Document Verification is available at app.vinesign.com/verify. Eligible documents created after 1/14/22.

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