Filevine announced several product improvements focused on the future of legal work at their annual user conference, Legal X, which took place Sept. 27-29 in Salt Lake City. With several exciting guest and keynote speakers, the conference focused on identifying what's next for the intersection of technology and legal innovation.

“Filevine started out because legal professionals needed a better case management system,” said Ryan Anderson, CEO and cofounder of Filevine. “But it has become much more than that. Legal work is dually critical and cumbersome at all businesses - no matter the business’ size or industry. Legal X brings together many of the professionals committed to improving the legal profession using technology. We’re excited about the learnings that will come from this year’s event.”


Emphasizing the company's belief that changing the way legal work gets done can help legal professionals deliver better results, the theme of the event, “A Better Way Forward,” helps attendees explore how to find a better way forward as teams, leaders, advocates, innovators, and people. The event featured keynote speakers including, Ben Crump, Ally Love, Abby Wambach, and Alexis Ohanian, as well as dozens of breakout speakers, from Filevine employees and users to industry thought leaders. Filevine also planned a Women in Legal Luncheon and a Legal X party featuring Jimmy Eat World.

At Legal X, Filevine users benefited from hands-on workshops and demonstrations from leading legal experts. Filevine is also announcing new product updates and improvements, including:

  • Outlaw debuts its clause library solution reimagined. The unique Clause Lookup feature powers auto-complete when drafting, and dynamic linking of clauses automatically keeps disparate templates synchronized whenever the master is updated. This provides legal teams a new and accelerated way of drafting their best contracts, all while retaining 100% control over design.
  • Docs+ provides robust document management for Filevine users. Because documents are central to legal work, Docs+ is central to Filevine’s legal work platform. Advancements to navigation, upload & retrieval, sharing, and more enable customers to both improve file management (storing, organizing, and securing) and document work (editing, sharing, and communicating).
  • Tag Management builds on hashtags by giving users the power to standardize the way their organization indexes information. From documents and projects, to contacts and notes, legal teams can now simplify, search, and sort their data - their way.
  • With the launch of powerful new Time Tracking features, legal practitioners can now integrate timekeeping deeply into their workflow. Time Tracking from Filevine allows you to track time via tasks, calendar events, Outlook, and much more—all in one place. Less busy work, more real work.


“Organizations have relied on traditional systems of case management for years. In today’s world, that is no longer enough to keep up with fast-paced and constantly-evolving business,” said Jen Gray, VP of Product Marketing at Filevine. “Filevine is enabling all legal teams to move into more holistic legal work solutions with tools to manage, track, and collaborate on—and ultimately, deliver—better legal work.”


With hundreds of legal professionals attending the conference amid ongoing changes to the state of the COVID-19 pandemic, Filevine required attendees to be vaccinated and took necessary precautions to ensure the health and safety of all guests. Masks and social distancing were also encouraged.

Filevine has helped thousands of legal professionals with case and document management since its founding in 2014 and has since evolved into a complete legal work platform — facilitating lead management, esignatures, business analytics, and more. After the recent acquisition of Outlaw, the leading contract lifecycle management platform, Filevine has further increased its dedication to improving the exchange and collaboration of legal work for both legal teams and the clients they serve.


"I've come home [from Legal X] with improvements to make our work better and help us better serve our clients. I also come home with some practical advice, legal advice, and business advice. Filevine puts on a first-rate event," said Ryan McKeen, partner and trial attorney at Connecticut Trial Firm.


Filevine believes in a brighter future where the intersection of legal work and business is made more seamless, transparent, and effortless for all legal professionals and everyone they interact with through the power of legal technology.

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Filevine is changing the way legal work gets done for law practitioners and their clients. As the leading legal work platform, Filevine is dedicated to empowering all organizations with tools to simplify and elevate complex, high-stakes legal work. Powering everything from document management and client communication to contract lifecycle management and business analytics, over 25,000 legal professionals use Filevine daily to deliver excellence in every contract, deadline, and result. Filevine is the top legal software company on the Inc. 5000 list, has been named one of the Utah Business Fast 50 and is among the top 50 fastest-growing privately-owned software companies according to the 2021 Inc. 5000 list.



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