February 16, 2023, SALT LAKE CITY, UT - Yesterday Filevine wrapped its premier legal conference, LEX Summit, hosted at the Hyatt Regency Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah. The best of the legal industry gathered together to discuss innovative tools to reimagine the future of legal work. 

LEX Summit boasted an illustrious lineup of keynote speakers not only in the legal industry, but in entrepreneurship, academia, literature, and more. The event featured conversations with Angela Duckworth, Michael C. Bush, Jason Calacanis, and Nathan Chen, as well as dozens of breakout speakers, from Filevine employees and users to industry thought leaders. The event featured a Women in Legal Luncheon with Luvvie Ajayi Jones, a LEX Fest afterparty featuring comedian Nate Bargatze, and an exclusive Ski Day at the legendary ski resort, Snowbird.

Along with the incredible keynotes, LEX Summit offered a number of breakout sessions where users learned valuable insights into optimizing Filevine to improve their legal case management. Filevine also hosted a full day of hands-on workshops, training, and demonstrations during Basecamp.


The Filevine team and I were honored to host nearly 1,000 guests at this year's user conference,” said Filevine co-founder and CEO, Ryan Anderson. “We’re especially grateful for the many expert presenters who spent time discussing how to amplify the impact of legal work through Filevine’s best-in-class platform.”


Filevine’s product team announced a number of ground-breaking product releases and feature improvements, including:

  • Lead Docket Custom Statuses and Automation - With Custom Statuses, every customer can now tailor their intake process to match their workflow. Paired alongside Lead Docket Automations, a contactless intake can scale firms of all sizes and practice areas, increasing intake capacity and quality, simplifying the intake process, and allowing your team more time to spend on providing top-tier service to potential clients.
  • Vinesign Hybrid Signing - Users now have the ability to choose the order of how their documents are being signed. Signatures can be grouped and completed in any order without delaying the ability to receive a fully executed document back quickly. Additionally, with Vinesign Envelopes, you can now send a combination of multiple documents and templates in a single envelope.  
  • Documents - Docs+ users will benefit from a global Documents page to manage, interact, and query their file population across projects. They’ll benefit from a revamped search and filtering system, search previews, and shareable searches to more seamlessly search, filter, share, and manage documents. Users can also now save Word docs, Excel files, and PowerPoint straight from the source applications using the new Office add-in on web and desktop versions.
  • Sidebar - Filevine’s new Sidebar functionality allows users to save time by discussing their work all within the context of Filevine. Maintain Filevine as a system of record without bogging down your Activity Feed by creating Sidebars around notes, documents, tasks, and more. 
  • Timekeeping and Billing - Filevine’s billing and timekeeping feature improves the efficiency of time capture by embedding time tracking into project workflows and enabling you to capture time from your mobile device while you work. It allows for bulk invoice creation and finalizing and enables invoices to be sent directly from Filevine, allowing you to turn invoices to clients faster, with fewer errors, to get paid sooner.
  • Permissions - Permissions improvements allow for more control over user access and team management. With a new grid layout, you can easily view and edit teams to match your organization, add members to teams in bulk, and mass update your access levels and roles.


Year after year, Filevine convinces larger and larger organizations to reimagine the way legal work gets done and deconstruct old ways of managing our documents, data, and teams,” says Michael Anderson, EVP of Product Strategy. “Filevine continues to custom-tailor its product to best centralize, manage and automate high-stakes legal work, making it the legal work platform of choice for the legal industry.”


Filevine continues to help thousands of legal professionals with case, document, and contract lifecycle management. Since its founding in 2014, it has evolved into the complete legal tech stack — facilitating lead management, e-signatures, business analytics, and more.


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Filevine is changing the way legal work gets done for law practitioners and their clients. As the leading legal work platform, Filevine is dedicated to empowering organizations with tools to simplify and elevate complex, high-stakes legal work. Powering everything from document management and client communication to contract lifecycle management and business analytics, over 25,000 legal professionals use Filevine daily to deliver excellence in every contract, deadline, and result. Filevine is recognized on the 2022 Deloitte Technology Fast 500 and Utah Business Fast 50, is a 2022 Top Workplace USA winner and is among the fastest-growing companies on the Inc. 5000 list.


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