Salt Lake City, UT - August 30, 2023 - Filevine has been named a top legal software product by prominent software review sites, G2 and Capterra, showing their high level of user satisfaction and market presence in the legal technology space. 


Filevine’s Summer 2023 awards include: 


As a company dedicated to transforming the legal industry, our success hinges on our ability to meet the evolving needs of our customers,” said Filevine's CEO, Ryan Anderson.“These awards highlight our commitment to our clients’ success, and we’re honored to offer a product that is used and loved by so many.”


What does this mean?


G2 awards are given to products with high customer satisfaction and regional market presence. G2’s unique algorithm analyzes unbiased product reviews and data aggregated from online sources and social networks to calculate product scores and issue awards.  Legal case management satisfaction scores were based on ease of use, workflow, reporting, and dashboard ratings. Only a select few products receive the “Leader” badge, making it one of the most prestigious recognitions given by G2.


Similarly, Capterra’s shortlist evaluates vendors based on user reviews and online search activity to generate a list of market leaders. Satisfaction ratings are based on ease of use, customer service, features, and value for money.


“We’re very glad to see that Filevine is a top choice among legal case management and practice management software solutions,” said Filevine’s EVP of Product, Michael Anderson. “We have the right team and the right product at the right time to continue to delight our customers.”


User Feedback

According to G2 user ratings, Filevine is ranked the #1 easiest to use legal case management software. Filevine’s features and usability surpassed competitors in satisfaction scores in the following areas.

  • Ease of Use - 93% satisfaction rating as compared to the average of 82% 

  • Workflow - 90% satisfaction rating as compared to the average of 83% 

  • Reporting - 88% satisfaction rating as compared to the average of 85%

  • Dashboard - 93% satisfaction rating as compared to the average of 85%


According to Capterra, Filevine boasts a rating score of 49/50 in the legal billing software category, a 44/50 for legal case management, and 47/50 for practice management software. 


Here is what users say about Filevine:

  • “Filevine is helping me keep track of deadlines with more efficiency than any other system I've ever used. It also alleviates the stress of wondering if I remembered to add repetitive tasks to each file's to-do list because it does that for me.” - Katelynn K.

  • “Filevine makes it easy to find or create case documents, billing statements, treatment summaries, reports, etc., so that I spend less time navigating/using multiple softwares for the same case.” - Gabryella R. 

  • “Filevine allows me to stay on top of everything. All of the documents I need to send to the client, medical providers, and insurance companies are so simple to create. Vinesign for e-signatures from Filevine is seamlessly integrated. Keeping track of case expenses within Filevine is simple. I use Filevine's DocGen to create all of the documents we require. To be honest, I have no complaints about Filevine, and If I have any questions, their chat support has been fantastic.” - Barbara B. 

  • “Absolutely the best software I have used in my legal career” - Sinead S.

  • “My most loved feature of Filevine is the flexibility to customize it to fit your firm's needs. It was extremely important to us to pick a case management software that allowed us to customize features based on all Case types that we handle. Filevine was extremely easy to learn and use to fit our firm's needs.” - Abigail C.


Thank You!


Filevine has spent the last several years developing a comprehensive legal work platform for its clients. Since Filevine’s mission is to streamline legal work, learning that our customers enjoy the product is motivating to continue to innovate and develop the best possible product for legal professionals and law firms. Thank you to all those who submitted reviews and continue to put your trust in our product!


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