Zapier is a powerful tool for building effective app-to-app integrations. Their service supports an enormous amount of popular applications and lets you control your integrations with a high degree of customization.

And now, it works with Filevine.

Zapier and Filevine working seamlessly together!

With full Zapier support, you can finally bridge the gap between your Filevine system and the other applications you use to keep your processes running. Best of all, integrations can be as complex or as simple as you’d like. A full index of Filevine’s API calls are available to enhance your Zapier experience, putting control firmly in your hands.

With Zapier and Filevine, you can:

  • Automatically create new projects in Filevine from form submissions on your website

  • Synchronize lead status across lead capture apps and Filevine

  • Send files from Filevine to your favorite document management apps automatically

Frequently Asked Questions

Zapier automates Filevine functions by connecting different programs through integrations called “Zaps.” This article will outline the information you need to create a Zap with Filevine.

In a Zap, an activity in Filevine can be used either as the “trigger” or as the “action.” This means that activity in Filevine can act as either the “when this happens” or the “do this” part of the integration.

For example, you could automatically make a note in a Filevine project any time you receive an email containing specific words, or you could post a message in a Slack channel anytime a task is completed in Filevine.

Automation is the name of the game here at Filevine, Integrating Filevine with Zapier creates a full-circle instance list from "trigger" to "action".

There are a number of actions that can be taken with Zapier and if set up correctly, you have the ability to have a self-action digital legal operations team, directly on Filevine.