SurePoint Technologies has revolutionized the legal industry for over 40 years, providing high-performance enterprise software that helps law firms streamline their workflow and maximize productivity.

Surepoint + Filevine= Scale Your Practice

With a strong community of 100K members, SurePoint is committed to supporting lawyers in managing complex administrative tasks so they can focus on giving clients superior care and growing their practice.

Accurately capturing billable time is essential for legal firms to maintain compliance and achieve maximum scalability and profitability. Surepoint and Filevine offer legal businesses reliable and accurate tools to track hours spent on cases so that legal teams can compile accurate data with ease and transparency.

The software integrates with most accounting systems to ensure accuracy in invoicing, billing cycles, and other key metrics of legal success. With a logging system encompassing entire teams both in-office or on the road, legal organizations can efficiently maintain consistent schedules that can lead to improved performance from all legal team members.

Key Benefits and Features

Practice Management

Empower your team to work more effectively and efficiently by accessing all critical data from a single location.

Maximize Attorney Productivity

Keep your team on target with task management, paperless workflows, and watchlists.

Analyze Profitability

Dashboards provide a systematic approach to measuring your law firm's profitability.

Manage Clients and Matters

Track and manage your relationships with prospects and clients to uncover business development opportunities and deliver more value.

Track Your Time

Accurately and efficiently capture billable time in the office or on the road.

Frequently Asked Questions

SurePoint is a leading provider of enterprise software that improves workflow and maximizes financial performance and profitability for law firms.

Its distinctive cloud platform integrates client management, practice management, and financial management for powerful relationship-building and knowledge-sharing capability.

SurePoint is one of the leading software for accounting financials in the legal industry. Combined with Filevine billing and timekeeping capabilities. Filevine allows for time and billing events to be sent automatically through SurePoints native integration

Track details for time and casework and bill clients on time spent — generating invoices from time tracking details.

SurePoint and Filevine are both powerful tools when combined they ensure maximized productivity with accurate and simultaneous time entry.
Help track your performance improves your productivity, and ensure transparency with your clients