Filevine + SettLiT: Streamline Case Prep with Health Records

SettLiT provides you with a comprehensive background check on your client’s personal and health data within 48 hours of submitting an authorization. It’s everything your client didn't tell you or misspoke provided to you in minutes.

The ultimate personal injury client background check

Increase your case confidence with a personal and health background check for every personal injury client. We strive to make obtaining and deciphering health data, criminal histories, reports, and more faster than ever for our clients.

Our secure platform ensures efficient, seamless and hassle-free client data enrishment. SettLiT is a time-saving and acceleration resource allowing you to access vital client data quickly and efficiently. Our top priority is to ensure our customers have an easy experience and the broadest data available in the industry.

Key Benefits and Features

Comprehensive Background

Enrich personal information like past addresses, SSN, criminal, lien and bankruptcy history.

Health Data

A canvas of providers, treatments, medications, and other medical information from digital sources.

Standardized Reports

Request standardized crash and ISO reports related to specific motor vehicle accidents.

Frequently Asked Questions

SettLiT is a data service that offers you a turnkey solution for personal and health background checks. Request personal and health data from anywhere in the United States. SettLiT allows you to request, track, analyze, and export data all in one system.

SettLiT also provides the ability to Summarize medical records uploaded into our system.

Requiring client authorization, SettLiT empowers law practices to securely and cost-effectively access client-authorized digitized personal and health data. Transfer personal, health, and disbursement datawith Filevine’s streamlined legal management software.

SettLiT and Filevine allow law firms to spur their much-needed digital transformation, allowing them to securely collect and contextualize data to inform important client cases.

Information gathering is one of the most tedious tasks to handle when exploring a new client case, Filevine helps automate this process with the help of SettLiT.

You can import your client records from SettLiT and set custom values that you find crucial regarding your clients case.