Make sure your firm is well managed with Orion's Practice Management System. Streamline your desktop experience for easy access to critical data such as Case and Docketing updates, Calendar Schedules, and Financial Statistics from one central hub!

Filevine + Orion = The Complete Firm Management Solution

Storing Client Documents securely has always been challenging—all while staying up-to-date with E-Mails and Contacts.

Orion Practice Management System efficiently puts all the essential data you need to manage your firm into one convenient package. With this system, users can switch between a big-picture and detailed view of their operations in real-time; dive deep into case management tasks such as docketing, calendars, emails, and contacts; quickly access financial statistics or client documents without hassle—all with customizable profiles tailored for each user's preference!

Key Benefits of Practice Management:

  • Financial Management

  • Time Management

  • Contact Management

  • Critical Data Management

  • NetDocuments® Integration

  • Case Management

Frequently Asked Questions

Orion Law Management Systems is powerful firm management software that helps keep track of all practice types from Financials, Legal, and Government firms.

Orion's core strength within the legal industry is its powerful accounting software.

Orion’s Financial Management software integrated with Filevine becomes a powerful tech stack. utilize multiple of Orion's reports right into your Filevine dashboard which helps you make better-informed decisions.

Filevine helps Orion’s Financial Management software turn from a traditional on-site deployment to a cloud-based solution software.

Paying attention to financials in your legal operations is one of the most crucial aspects of your law firm. Filevine helps your data from Orion become digestible all in one platform.

Having this data available in one place will help make it better business decisions moving forward with your law firm.