Google Calendar

Spend less time planning and more time doing with a shareable calendar that works across Google Workspace and connects easily to Filevine.

Google Workspace connects to Filevine quickly and easiliy.

Office 365 Calendar provides a powerful tool for keeping track of important dates in your legal practice. Integrating it with Filevine is the perfect way to save time and stay organized. Automatically synchronizing calendars across Office 365 and Filevine allows you to easily set up meetings, sync events, and keep both calendars up to date without any added effort. By enabling Office 365 Calendar synchronization within Filevine, you can now efficiently create events on either platform, giving you more flexibility when scheduling appointments or reviewing upcoming tasks. This simple integration allows you to manage your Office 365 Calendar with ease while taking full advantage of Filevine’s innovative tools.

Our Google Calendar integration is easy to set up and even easier to use. Once implemented, any event added to your calendar in Filevine will automatically sync to your Google Calendar.

Office 365 provides an efficient way to manage appointments with external stakeholders, clients, and partners. With Office 365's Calendars and Filevine, you can easily share your availability via a booking page for easy access - it's beneficial when there's no time to sit down and have the awkward appointment scheduling conversation. Plus, the additional security that Office 365 provides ensures everyone communicates safely while coordinating schedules and ensuring their calendar is up-to-date.

Learn how to integrate your calendar here.

Key Benefits and Features with calendars

calendars and time

Sync important dates automatically

Through Filevine's calendar integration feature, calendars are kept up to date across all platforms, ensuring that everyone in the office is always aware of important dates.
Clock and schedule alerts

Receive Google Calendar alerts for Filevine events

Office 365 and Filevine offer a comprehensive solution for your office's scheduling needs. With Office 365, you can automatically sync events with Office 365 calendars as well as those of your colleagues.
Messaging clients for meetings

Make time for clients

No more fumbling around trying to keep track of open dates - Office 365 takes the hassle out of appointment scheduling so you can focus on what matters most.

Frequently Asked Questions

Syncing your Filevine calendar with your Google Calendar will allow you to share it with others from Filevine. You will be able to share events from your Google calendar to your Filevine projects.

Your calendar can also be shared with other users in Filevine. This enables them to be able to see your events, projects, and share calendar events with others.

Installation all takes place inside your profile settings in Filevine. You will have the choice of connecting your calendar when you navigate to your user settings.

Once you select your calendar, You will be asked permission by Filevine to access your Google Calendar. Once allowed, your calendar is now installed and you can adjust your calendar settings to your liking.

To add an event to your user calendar, You can use either your Filevine or Google Calendar.

Once in the Calendar dashboard, You can create a title, choose a date, add attendees, and locations.

When saved, the event will also be added to the user calendars of all assignees and to the calendar of the associated project. Events created in project calendars will also appear in your user calendar if you are an assignee.

Yes, each time you sync your calendar it includes the past three months of events and deadlines. It will also include all future events and deadlines without limit.

You can view, open, and report on older events. However, in the case that an event that is more than three months old is edited, that change will not be reflected in the sync.