It’s time to get serious about managing your data. With Filevine’s integration with DOMO, you can monitor and visualize your data in beautiful graphs. If you record it in Filevine, then you can visualize it on DOMO’s dashboard.

DOMO + Filevine = Data Re-Imagined

Unlock the power of your data with Domo Business Cloud®. Our low-code platform makes it easy to create real-time stories and dashboards that provide more than just insights - they'll drive results by bringing together all aspects of business intelligence into one shared story. Transform how you interact with your company's data today!

Domo provides a low-code platform that allows easy access to real-time data, which can then be transformed into interactive visual dashboards - an essential tool in business analytics and decision-making.

Not only is Domo capable of providing insights and understanding quickly, but it also helps drive actual results driven by improved decision-making. Transform how you interact with your company's data today with Domo, integrating seamlessly with Filevine to understand better the data you collect.

Frequently Asked Questions

DOMO allows legal firms to understand the data they are housing in Filevine quickly.

These reports help users manage and track their KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) through bar charts, pie graphs, snapshots, and other visualizations.

These visualizations enable management to read their data efficiently and clearly to make better decisions.

Filevine is used as a data warehouse, As a Filevine user, you choose what is defined and determined. But software interprets this data into large rows and columns of code.

DOMO is the interpreter that helps you translate this large amount of data into bar charts, pie graphs, or other report formats so that you can understand the data that is in the system.

Reports can only show data that is housed inside Filevine. DOMO does not connect or manage data from sources outside of Filevine (i.e., Google Analytics, Facebook, Spreadsheets, etc..).

Yes, Users can build and manage all of their reports themselves!

You can set different permission levels so that other users can access different report pages or different data viewing levels.

You can connect up to 10 datasets (a dataset is a report built in Filevine connected to Domo).

You can adjust, change or add new reports at any time.