Bill & Expense Tracking

expense tracking

For a law firm, accurately handling bills and expenses is a key part of daily work—but most lawyers have more important things to do than push paper.

Filevine’s project management software helps keep your budget on track and allows your team to do more work in less time—all while improving your relationships with clients and vendors alike.


How does it work?

In Filevine, every client is organized into their own project file. These projects will house all the necessary information for handling a client’s matter, including any related bill or expense information. With a few clicks, team members can add new expenses, review outstanding bills, audit case financials, and much more.

Bill and expense tracking through Filevine includes:

  • Powerful Collections: Use a project’s collection sections to manage massive sets of similar but unique information, like medical records, client expenses, case fees, and more.
  • Unified Searches: Find the bill or expense item you need by searching for it anywhere in Filevine. OCR makes every uploaded document searchable by your team.
  • Deep Reporting: Automate and receive powerful reports to monitor your law firm’s expenses and workload. Use our wide range of custom criteria to zero in on the data you need.

Filevine is ready to become the operating core of your legal practice. Stay ahead of your bills and keep your law firm on an even keel with an industry-leading expense management tool.


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