Bill & Expense Tracking

expense tracking

Don’t let expenses get out of hand. Filevine’s project management software tracks where money is being spent, keeps your budget on-track, and improves your relationship with clients and vendors.

Filevine automatically adds up all bills and expenses the moment they are uploaded, giving you totals in real time. Each bill is hyperlinked, giving you instant access to actual documents and allowing you to keep track of all providers simultaneously.

Don’t ever be haunted by the phantom bill that appears after a case is settled. Don’t surprise the client with an unexpected expense. All the case “vitals” are constantly available, never lost in an unorganized folder, and super easy to understand. When a vendor or client calls, know their answer instantly, without digging through files.


Keeping tabs on case value

For personal injury attorneys, bills drive case value. You can’t know the bills, let alone command the power their information holds, if they aren’t readily available and organized.



Filevine is case management software with the soul of project management technology. By treating each case as a project that needs to get done (not just organized), cases move forward smoothly.


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