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Billing Timer

December 31, 2019

Track Your Billable Hours Automatically

In the fast-paced world of legal, time is money. Unfortunately, interruptions are also an unavoidable part of the job. This can be particularly problematic for individuals who are juggling multiple clients and projects simultaneously. Amidst the chaos, staying organized and tracking billable hours can be challenging. For those who have aggressive quotas to meet, any interruption can significantly impact their bottom line.

Quick Switch Timer

It's a common occurrence to experience interruptions while working. However, with Filevine's billing timer widget, managing these interruptions becomes a breeze. This widget is designed to track time for various clients and projects through the use of multiple timers. It ensures that only one timer runs at a time, while keeping the others paused for easy accessibility. This feature is incredibly useful for those who want to optimize their time management and billing processes.

Easily Start New Timer

Deploy the Timer from anywhere in Filevine and start tracking billable hours in moments. Easily stop and start the timer and seamlessly switch between clients without losing accuracy. With Filevine's automatic timer you can skip the time logs, and get back to doing the work that matters.

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