How LyfeLaw quadrupled revenue with Filevine

Automation can empower firms and improve the lives of clients

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Year Founded: 2014

Location: Los Angeles and San Francisco, CA

Number of Staff: 45

Practice Areas: Personal Injury

Started using Filevine: 2016

Sam Tabibian is a founding partner or LyfeLaw, a personal injury firm based in Southern California. Formerly known as Century Park Law Group, LyfeLaw is focused on obtaining the best possible result for every client they serve. By thoroughly investigating injury accidents and taking full advantage of available technology to expedite their clients' claims, LyfeLaw works to provide superior service and performance to clients throughout Southern California.

The Challenge

How can law firms actually harness the benefits of automation?

In 2014, trial lawyers Sam Tabibian, Sahm Manouchehri, and Robert L. Booker set out to create a different kind of personal injury firm. They’ve combined 5 decades of experience as trial lawyers to create a firm focused on increased client care from beginning to end.

With Filevine, the firm automated many of their processes, which lowered costs, improved productivity, and increased their mobility. It also helped them quadruple revenue and caseloads, while constantly improving client services.

Quadrupled revenue within 3 years

Quadrupled case load in a span of 3 years

Automating one task alone saved 433 hours and $6,500 each year

How automating even one task can bring big savings

  1. Auto-generate a representation letter. With automatic document generation, Filevine users can create a new document with one click of a button. The information is pulled from the case file to create a professional, formatted document.

  2. Email it. When emailing, firms can either use the unique case file email address or handy email extensions and add-ons to ensure that all relevant information is recorded within the appropriate case file. With Filevine’s Fax feature, they can also fax the material directly through Filevine, again automatically archiving the paper trail.

We can meet with our clients anywhere. We connect to Filevine on our tablets, so I can be on the road, meet with my client, and have access to their entire file right there. I can assign tasks and take notes anywhere. It’s just so much more efficient.”
Our clients like to see they’re working with a firm that’s technologically savvy.”
You can text to and from the case file, you can email into the case file, you can scan paper document there, you can upload all your documents and photos. It’s just much more streamlined than anything else that we had before. And it has features that nobody else has.”
Filevine is way into the future compared to everything else that’s out there.”
Once we got Filevine, we were able to do intakes quicker. We were able to communicate with clients quicker. We just started growing—Filevine’s what enabled that growth.”

Clients want tech-savvy service

LyfeLaw's fundamental convern is improving the client experience. They understand that clients want a tech-savvy firm that offers digital solutions. By connecting Filevine to tablets, the team has more flexibility to meet with clients without being tied to the office. 

Something that used to take somewhere between 10 and 20 minutes to complete now takes 1 minute.”

Because the firm is sending around 10 representation letters a day, these savings rapidly add up. This one task saves 1 hour and 40 minutes each day. Over a year, that’s 433 hours, and $6,500 in staff wages.

These savings are repeated with each recurring task which Filevine now automates for the firm. As attorneys and staff free up their time, they’re able to focus on higher-value priorities, provide better service to clients, and handle higher case loads with less stress.

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