Gluckstein grows his firm amidst COVID thanks to Filevine

How Gluckstein Lawyers doubled firm size and tripled revenue by focusing on the business side of law

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Year Founded: 1962

Location: Toronto, Canada

Number of Staff: 45

Practice Areas: Personal Injury

Solutions: Filevine, Docs+

Charles Gluckstein is a managing partner of Gluckstein Lawyers based out of Toronto, Canada. With 20 years experience in personal injury law and disabilities, Charles has a passion for helping people with disability and empowering his firm to better serve his community through innovation and technology.

The Challenge

Gluckstein Lawyers is a pillar in their community. To keep up with growing demand, scalability challenges and COVID-19, the firm needed to embrace technology and the business side of law - all while also maintaining close client relationships.

At Gluckstein Lawyers, clients come first. Customer Experience and genuine care is paramount for every case. But running a business with outdated technology and a rapidly growing client base is hard without the right tools and systems, not to mention in a pandemic. In partnering with Filevine’s industry leading products and expertise, Charles has been able to scale the firm, double revenue, buy other practices, take on more staff, increase caseloads, and empower his staff to be more productive.

Tripled in revenue since 2010

Transitioned to 100% remote work during COVID

During COVID-19, scaled staff from 25 to 45 and acquired 2 firms

Charles’ 5 Tips to Embrace the Business Side of Law

“Technology helps you keep up in the market and stay competitive with efficiency and automation. The RIGHT technology can help you. Embrace technology early. COVID taught us not to wait to invest in technology, don’t wait.”

  1. Host “town halls” for your team to increase alignment and transparency

  2. Embrace technology early. And you, as a leader, embrace technology first

  3. Have one place for all your business insights

  4. Host webinars to uplevel your team on building Filevine skills

  5. Join a business group or network

Powerful Business Insights with Filevine

A lot of lawyers are overwhelmed with cases and don’t have time to keep tabs on the business side of the firm (management, HR, technology, finance, productivity). It’s very important for lawyers to get that business sense. 10 years ago, when I first dug into the data, I was doing this with spreadsheets and data that I had pulled from antiquated programs. Filevine was a breath of fresh air and showed me what I can do with powerful business analytics””

Charles uses 30 reports in Filevine to monitor the firm’s performance, with analysis of inventory, case progression, referral sources, and team productivity. Filevine is both a warehouse and a workshop housing all case work, collaboration, client communication, and data.

If someone were to ask me anything about my business, I have that answer—at a moment’s notice. I can see referral sources, the revenue streams, staff productivity—everything.””

The biggest game changer for Gluckstein was the ability to take files and rank them into fee categories. This allowed Charles to get a clear look at their inventory and see what files are being worked on, what files generate the most revenue (large fee, moderate fee, small fee) and focus the firm’s attention on the work that builds long-term financial strength.

The business side of law is important. Technology like Filevine streamlines your day-to-day work and provides powerful business insights so your firm can scale.

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