Listen, we all need to drop the fallacy of multi-tasking. It does not work.

Multi-tasking reduces productivity by diminishing focus. Cycles (tasks) need to be completed. Don’t start a task that you can’t finish. Don’t set a task that can’t be done in the time provided. Don’t start on another task while you are in the middle of another.

That doesn’t mean that you have to finish a complete project uninterrupted; that is impossible.  You have to finish the task you are working on in the time given – no interruptions. So naturally, you need to identify and set tasks that are doable in the time given. If they aren’t, then you haven’t properly broken down the path of tasks to finish your project or resolve your case – good luck getting things done.

Multi-tasking inevitably devolves into a pyramid scheme where lots of “progress” is made on lots of cases and projects but nothing really gets done. You end up robbing time needed to complete one task in order to work on another. It didn’t work for Bernie Madoff and it doesn’t work for you. Finish what you start before you start something else.

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