Check out our video for the full story behind Filevine's new brand.


Why do so many legends around the world include a climb up the mountain?

In all our favorite epics, the mountain represents a call to adventure. To leave our safe, calm villages and do something uncommon but important. It symbolizes excitement and challenge, but also the place for hard-earned enlightenment.

From Moses on Mount Sinai to Sam and Frodo on Mount Doom, it’s such an iconic trajectory that even the most stripped-down diagram of story itself takes the shape of a mountain: it rises to the peak of action and then descends with the conclusion.

Filevine was founded at the foot of the mountains. And not just any mountains: the iconic Wasatch Front of Utah. These are craggy, ice-capped beacons of adventure, sitting right outside our window.

It’s hard to think small below mountains like these. And that’s why Filevine’s new brand honors these peaks.

Mathematically, the ^ symbol also represents an exponent. It reminds us that a small shift can create an exponential change, one that builds on itself repeatedly to expand and grow to impossible heights. Targeted improvements can open up an entirely new realm of possibility. As legal professionals advance their practice, they improve the lives of an exponential number of people who are their clients.

Filevine has always focused on challenge, excellence, and new ways of thinking through old problems. Our new brand reflects that. But it also comes at a time of dramatic change for the world - that change isn't lost on Filevine.

As cloud-first software, our rapid-fire release of intensely powerful, game-changing new features enabled tens of thousands of legal professionals to thrive in the new normal. We launched the industry's first all-virtual user conference (news on our next event soon), navigated troubled waters to hold our grand opening of Filevine's new headquarters along with Salt Lake City's Mayor, and received national recognition as one of the top 50 fastest-growing software companies in the United States.

Through it all, our brand reminds us to keep climbing upward. We invite all who are ready for the challenge to join us on the climb. It won't be easy going. The mountain can seem insurmountable, the path forward unclear. But inch by inch, mile by mile, together we advance the very practice of law. And when you reach the peak, you will look back on all you've accomplished with pride.

As you can hear in the video:

“The brand does not say ‘We have arrived. Our job is done,’ but that we are here, we are ready, and we will lead you to the peak.”