Lead Docket Joins Filevine


by Ryan Anderson

on 03 April, 2020

Dear Filevine Customers,

In today’s challenging market, client experience is more important than ever.

Potential new clients have a deluge of information and more options at their fingertips than at any time in the past. It’s no longer enough for law firms to provide good service—they must provide a great experience. And there’s no better place to start than at the beginning.

That’s why today we’re announcing Filevine has acquired Lead Docket, the top lead intake management solutions for law firms.

Like Filevine, Lead Docket was founded by lawyers who wanted real solutions to their problems. Like Filevine, they are experiencing rapid growth as savvy firms are realizing the benefits from adopting their products. And most importantly, like Filevine, Lead Docket is committed to radically improving the practice of law, making it better for lawyers, staff, and clients alike.

Lead Docket will continue to operate as a stand-alone product available to customers of any case management system. Over time, we’ll integrate Lead Docket’s technology into our core platform as an integrated product. Working together, we’re a step closer to our vision for an end-to-end solution for legal.

Thank you for supporting Filevine and Lead Docket. We have an exciting future ahead of us!


Ryan Anderson
Filevine CEO and Co-Founder





  • Why was Lead Docket acquired by Filevine?
  • I’m not a Filevine customer. How does this affect my Lead Docket experience?
  • I am a Filevine customer. How does this affect my Filevine experience?
  • Is Lead Docket going to become a Filevine-only product?
  • Who do I contact for support questions about Lead Docket?
  • Will I continue making payments to Lead Docket?
  • Will using other case management solutions (e.g. Clio, Practice Panther, etc.) mean I miss out on future Lead Docket updates?

The Operating Core for Legal Just Got Stronger

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