Dear Filevine Customers,

In today’s challenging market, client experience is more important than ever.

Potential new clients have a deluge of information and more options at their fingertips than at any time in the past. It’s no longer enough for law firms to provide good service—they must provide a great experience. And there’s no better place to start than at the beginning.

That’s why today we’re announcing Filevine has acquired Lead Docket, the top lead intake management solutions for law firms.

Like Filevine, Lead Docket was founded by lawyers who wanted real solutions to their problems. Like Filevine, they are experiencing rapid growth as savvy firms are realizing the benefits from adopting their products. And most importantly, like Filevine, Lead Docket is committed to radically improving the practice of law, making it better for lawyers, staff, and clients alike.

Lead Docket will continue to operate as a stand-alone product available to customers of any case management system. Over time, we’ll integrate Lead Docket’s technology into our core platform as an integrated product. Working together, we’re a step closer to our vision for an end-to-end solution for legal.

Thank you for supporting Filevine and Lead Docket. We have an exciting future ahead of us!


Ryan Anderson
Filevine CEO and Co-Founder


Lead Docket and Filevine have many shared values. Both were created by lawyers who saw a need that was not being filled by the current market. Lead Docket provides a more effective way to manage and retain leads. Filevine acts as an operational core for legal practices. Working together can provide a smoother and all-encompassing experience for lawyers, from in-take to client retention.

Both Lead Docket and Filevine are obsessed with creating and delivering the best customer experience possible. Our values and vision for the future of legal technology align perfectly. With this acquisition, Lead Docket and Filevine are in an even better position to deliver value and compelling new features to customers.

You will continue to receive the same excellent service Lead Docket has been providing. The Lead Docket team will remain intact—if you have been working with a Lead Docket representative, you will continue to work with them. In short, it will not change your Lead Docket experience.

You will continue to receive the best legal technology and services available through Filevine. Filevine will be introducing a lead management product based on the Lead Docket platform that will be seamlessly integrated with other management capabilities. This service will be available to purchase as an additional feature for Filevine customers.

No. Lead Docket will continue to be sold, maintained, and improved by the current Lead Docket team. If you are a Lead Docket user and use another case management software, the only differences you’ll see are additional team members and improvements to feature development.

You will continue to contact Lead Docket. As Lead Docket grows, support will grow as well. Filevine hires only local support representatives who are familiar with the system. The same strict hiring criteria will be upheld for Lead Docket support.

Payments will start to go to Filevine. However, more payment methods will now be available to customers—including ACH and credit card payment options.

If you are a Filevine customer and would like to learn more about options for purchasing Lead Docket, fill out the form at the bottom of the page.

Absolutely not. Filevine is committed to supporting all of its customers equally. Lead Docket will continue to provide the same excellent service and feature development as part of its vision for delivering exceptional client experiences with your firm.

The Operating Core for Legal Just Got Stronger

Filevine plus Lead Docket’s legal intake is in overwhelming demand as it radically improves the client experience. Fill out the form below to talk to a representative today.