Last week a Filevine user told me about a neat experience using Filevine’s unique texting feature. It’s a story that should excite anybody who is looking for new ways to take care of clients.

The background

Filevine allows users to create unique texting phone numbers that are associated with a project. That means that a user can set up a new project or case, and instantly have a phone number where text messages can be sent. Anybody in the project can see and respond to those text messages.

The twist

One firm decided to create a project called “Advertising” and enabled the texting number. On ads and websites that went up, people were invited to “send a text directly to the lawyer.”

This is a great example of the many ways users are applying Filevine in new and exciting ways. When we built it, after all, it was never meant to be used as a marketing tool!

The result

At first, there was no response on the texting line, but one day an alert appeared in Filevine: Somebody had texted a request for help!

In this case it was a fireman who, during the course of his work, had lost a lot of his hearing. Making a phone call to a workers’ compensation attorney was difficult, and he was reluctant to simply “walk in.”  When he saw the invitation to send a text message, he jumped on it immediately.

The good news is that the law firm got a new case, and the fireman is likely going to get compensation for his hearing loss. We’re glad we could be a part of that story!

Do you have a story of how you used Filevine in a non-standard way? We’d love to hear about it.  Leave a comment below or email us any time!