Dear Partners, Friends, and Customers,

Every February and July, nervous law students and aspiring lawyers across the United States sit down at similarly worn desks. In front of them sit stacks of papers that will conclusively decide if the test-takers years of dedicated study and labor were worth it. Even as you read this letter, the Bar Exam is happening in many states. This moment acts as a crucible by which students are refined into lawyers.

February is, however, about more than the lawyer’s future. It is about the past of the country whose laws they just spent years studying. This month is Black History Month. Many of the advancements for Black Rights in the United States have been advocated for by activists but affirmed by the Courts. Brown vs the Board of Education, Loving vs Virginia, the list goes on. Improvement in racial equality is central to the history of the law.

Representation matters. 

We are proud to be running a $10k match donation match campaign in support of The Equal Justice Initiative. Made famous by the bestselling book and movie Just Mercy, this important charity uses public education and the court systems to advance the cause of racial justice. 

We will gladly match up to 10k of donations from anyone in the Filevine ecosystem. To donate just go to and list “Filevine” in the comments. 

Thank you for supporting this important cause.


Ryan Anderson, CEO